10 Best BMX Bikes Under 500

Do you have a tight budget lately? Are you wondering if you can even afford the BMX bikes or not? No worries, we are here to help. We bring the Best BMX Bikes Under 500 for you. Don’t worry. These bikes aren’t cheap; instead, you should be ready to get some best features on them.

BMX bikes are unique in various ways like they are equipped with pegs that help the rider perform different tricks and excellent spinning handlebars. Other than that, you can also change the height as per yours if required. With the good BMX Bikes Under 500, you can go anywhere comfortably.

BMX means the bicycle motocross that the athletes can use instead of riding on dirt bikes. We’ve searched every BMX bike that falls under 500 and come up with the 10 best BMX bikes under 500. Before wasting more time, let’s dig into the details.

Best BMX Bikes Under 500
10 Best BMX Bikes Under 500

Our Top pickup’s Comparison table:

ProductBrandSuspension TypeNumber Of SpeedsPrice
Mongoose Freestyle BMX L100MongooseRigid1Price
Traildigger Model 20inchEastern bikesFront & Rear1Price
Mongoose BMX LegionMongooseRigid1Price
Argus St & TrailMongooseRigid7Price
Schwinn Bonafide Mens BikeSchwinnFront24Price
Eastern Bikes Element Model 20Eastern BikesFront & Rear1Price
Sting Pro & PredatorSchwinnRigid1Price
Eastern Bikes BMX OrbitEastern BikesRigid1Price
Dynacraft Tony Hawk BMX BikeDynacraftRigid1Price
Jet BMX Bike freestyleJet BMXRear, Dual1Price
Comparison table of 10 Best BMX Bikes Under 500

1: Mongoose Freestyle BMX L100

Mongoose Freestyle BMX L100
  • The Frame is constructed with Chromoly steel material, making this bike quite sturdy and highly durable.
  • Don’t worry about the vibrations while moving on rough terrain. The front fork & handlebar made up of Chromoly steel will absorb them efficiently.
  • It is equipped with 20 x 2.4-inch tires that make the bike relatively stable and offer phenomenal support yet balance.
  • Mongoose uses aluminum alloy U-brakes to offer you the utmost safety in this freestyle bike.

Key Specifications:

MaterialChromo steel
Bike Type BMX
Age Range Adults
Color Gray/Black
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specifications of Mongoose Freestyle BMX L100

Mongoose Legion L100 comes up with the Chromoly frame tubes, making this bike quite durable and more robust than previous bikes by Mongoose Legion, such as Mongoose Legion L60. It also has a Chromoly handlebar & fork that absorbs vibrations making it far better than the previous Mongoose Legion L60 bike.

This freestyle bike can be used in the park, street, or dirt as per your need. From the beginner-level curb jumps to professional-level tricks on any quarterpipe, this freestyle bike comes with each feature that one needs. It has 20 inches frame size, which means the bike is quite suitable for the 5’8 height rider.

The bike has created with the chromo frame, which is already famous for its strength and durability. That means you don’t need to worry about any breakage issues while riding on any rough patches. Undoubtedly, the bike is equipped with some extraordinary features that’ll give you a next-level riding experience.

Whatever bike you’re using, If the maneuverability is poor, there will be no use for it. Gladly, the Mongoose freestyle bike comes up with a lightweight frame making it convenient and relatively easy to use. Though the Frame is light, it still has a sturdy buildup and wide tires. The manufacturer created the handles and front fork with Chromoly steel material to absorb the vibrations while moving through the terrain.

Due to the steel construction and lightweight, this bike has excellent control. It is equipped with an aluminum U brake and brake levers that offer excellent speed control. Another fantastic feature of this bike is that it can run smoothly on the road and on the terrain that means you can use it in different areas wherever required.

Due to such versatile properties, you’ll not need to make any other investment to purchase a new bike for any other riding purpose. It ensures excellent stability and support so that you’ll never be out of balance while riding on it. Lastly, this is one of the best BMX bikes under 500, quite suitable for men and women riders.


  • An impressive and intense buildup
  • Super durable
  • Excellent grip on all types of terrains
  • Remarkable support & stability


  • Brake is challenging to assemble

2: Traildigger Model 20inch

Traildigger Model 20inch
  • It is made up of a Chromoly steel frame, making the bike quite vital to use on rough terrain
  • The bike has easy maneuverability making it suitable for 13 years and older riders too
  • It comes with a warranty life of 20 years, so in case of any issue, feel free to talk to the customer support team
  • The product weighs around 25.5 pounds. Due to its lightweight, it can be handled easily

Key Specifications:

MaterialChromo steel
Bike TypeBMX
Age Range 13 years and older
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specifications of Eastern BMX Bikes 20

The bike is created for beginners and made up of an upgraded chromo frame with facet pedals, unlike the other eastern BMX bikes such as the Eastern night wasp BMX bike. This bike’s excellent eastern grip makes it stand out from the Eastern Nightwasp BMX bike.

Due to the upgraded chromo frame, the bike has such a substantial buildup, making it quite safe for kids and adults. The robust Frame can easily bear heavy weight and helps you move through the terrain without feeling any jumps or bumps.

It features sealed bearings headsets that prevent dirt from entering the bike. Due to the sealed front and rear hubs, no matter how muddy or rough surface you are riding on, the debris will never get stuck inside the machinery of the bike, nor it affects the performance.

It is equipped with 20 x 2.4 tires, making the bike relatively stable and wide enough to balance your weight equally. The bike comes with a U-brake, having wide-body and clear brake pads. U-brake is already famous for its excellent braking power and is quite comfortable. Moreover, the U- brakes are lightweight, so don’t worry. They’ll not add any weight to the overall bike. When it comes to grip, the product doesn’t disappoint us. It has not only a comfortable grip but also great maneuverability. No doubt, this is one of the best BMX bikes under 500.


  • Strong Frame
  • Excellent brake
  • Lightweight
  • Simple maneuverability


  • The chain is not up to the mark

3: Mongoose Legion L80

Mongoose Legion L80
  • Due to the aluminum U-brake, you’ll enjoy having precision speed control
  • It has excellent steering performance due to threadless sealed integrated headset
  • The bike comes with aluminum single wall 36H rims along with 2.3 BMX tires, provides high-end grip to the user
  • It is pretty durable and strong to use on any terrain due to the Chromoly Frame

Key Specifications:

MaterialChromo steel
Bike TypeBMX
Age Range Adult
Color Black/red
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specifications of Mongoose Legion L80

This bike is created with the Chromoly frame tubes that make it durable and robust and allow you to ride smoothly on the rough patch, unlike the other version by Mongoose Lesion, such as Mongoose Lesion L20. It has a sealed cartridge crank bearing and a sealed bearing rear hub, which makes it different from Mongoose Lesion L20.

Are you looking for high-end Bmx bikes under 500 dollars? This Legion L80 is one of the famous bikes by Mongoose, having a high rating and loved by the users too. It is suitable for beginners and advanced riders who require a freestyle bike to ride in the street, dirt, or parks.

Mongoose’s freestyle BMX bike is equipped with the Hi-Ten steel nine-rise handlebars that allow you to ride freely without any trouble. It has a Chromoly steel frame that makes the bike ultra-durable and super strong to move on the rough patches without any breakage.

Due to the Hi-tensile steel fork, mid-BB, and Chromoly Frame, this bike can easily handle all the riding abuse while moving on parks or streets. This bike also has modern BMX geometry properties to give you the ultimate smooth riding.

It has unmatched reliability due to 3 piece tubular Chromoly cranks that allow you to enjoy rides every time you take this gem out. This bike comes with aluminum U-brakes to grant you excellent speed control and stop whenever required.


  • Durable Frame & fork
  • Modern BMX Geometry
  • Reliable rims of aluminum alloy
  • Precise speed control


  • Handlebars are poor

4: Mongoose Argus St & Trail

Mongoose Argus ST
  • This mountain bike has a 12 inches frame, suitable for riders of 8 or more age
  • Due to the steel frame, the bike is quite durable and sturdy
  • The steel fat tire allows you to ride on this bike with great stability
  • It is pretty safe to use due to mechanical disc brakes

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeBMX
Age RangeYouth
Wheel size24 inches
Key Specifications of Mongoose Argus ST

Mongoose Argus Fat tire bike is equipped with 20 inches wide fat tires that provide excellent grip and fantastic traction on the dirt, grass, or snowy areas making it safer than the other versions of Mongoose, such as Mongoose dolomite. It has a pretty adjustable seat and is super comfortable to use, making it stand out from the Mongoose dolomite fat tire bike.

Are you looking for the best BMX bikes under 500? This is for you. It comes with the 7-speed option that means you can change the bike’s speed according to the road or terrain. With the mechanical disc brakes, stopping the cycle even in a slippery condition is not a hassle.

The brakes work perfectly on rough or slippery terrain without putting you in any trouble. The bike is equipped with a steel fat tire to have a stable ride. The Frame of this bike is strong enough to combat any bumps or jumps.

Honestly, the tires of this bike are the star of the show, making it perfect to use in any weather condition and keep you safe in every situation. When it comes to assembling, the product does not disappoint us. It has easy to use, simple to maintain, and quick to assemble. No matter how roughly you use it, the bike’s Frame is still durable enough to last longer than others.


  • Effective braking
  • Durable Frame
  • Stable ride
  • Quick assembly


  • The paddle is not easy to use

5: Schwinn Bonafide Bike

Schwinn Bonafide Bike
  • It has a robust suspension fork that absorbs the bumps & thumps but provides you smooth riding experience
  • With the aluminum frame, the bike offers you a safe riding experience
  • Due to the 24-speed trigger shifters, you can easily change gear in no time
  • The double-wall alloy rims are strong enough to make it durable

Key Specifications:

Bike Type BMX
Age RangeAdult
Color Matte Black/red
Wheel size29 inches
Key Specifications of Schwinn Bonafide Bike

This Schwinn bonafide mountain bike has 24-speed options comes with trigger shifters that allow you to change speed and gears smoothly without any trouble, unlike the other version of Schwinn mountain bikes such as Schwinn High Timber. It has front and rear mechanical brakes, making it far better and safer than the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike.

The bike is made up of an aluminum frame that is quite sturdy and strong enough to combat all the road conditions. It is equipped with a robust suspension fork that absorbs all the bumps and jumps to provide you with a smooth and fun riding experience.

With the 24 speeds, you can easily switch to any choice whenever required without any hitch. Due to the durable alloy cranks, the bike has steady gearing and easy maintenance. Moreover, the product comes with high-end double-wall alloy rims, which are light yet strong enough to make this bike highly durable.

It is ready to assemble the bike without needing additional equipment or any professional guide. Lastly, due to the 29 inches wheels, you’ll enjoy having a stable riding experience.


  • Built to handle challenging and rocky trails
  • Smooth gear changes
  • Simple maintenance
  • High-end stability


  • The bike cassette is wobbly

6: Eastern Bikes Element 20

Element Model 20
  • The bike has a lightweight and weighs only 25.8 pounds
  • Due to the fully Chromoly Frame, this bike is long-lasting and strong
  • It offers you a stable ride and is equipped with the 20 x 2.4 freestyle tires
  • The product is built to last long and have 20 years of experience

Key Specifications:

MaterialChromo steel
Bike TypeBMX
Age Range 13 years and older
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specifications of Eastern Bikes Element 20

This bike comes with excellent gripping as it contains riblet grips provides you a safe yet smooth riding experience compared to other products by Eastern bikes such as Paydirt beginner BMX by Eastern. The feature that makes it different from Paydirt beginner BMX is its robust structure and high durability.

The bike comes with a fully Chromoly frame that means it is sturdy enough to use on rough terrains without being worried about any issues. The strong structure makes it quite durable and keeps you safe from accidents.

It comes with removable brake mounts and a Chromoly fork that absorbs all the vibrations while moving on the rough surface to ensure a smooth riding experience. Due to the integrated headset can easily use it in dirty areas as no dirt will enter the system to disturb the bike performance.

It is equipped with a pivotal seat that is strong enough to bear your weight and comfortable to use. Plus, adjusting any angle on this seat is easy yet hassle-free. Lastly, the bike has a 20 x 2.4-inch tire wide enough to allow you to ride on any surface with excellent stability. Moreover, the wide tires are stable and good enough to bear heavy weight for longer durations.


  • Suitable for 13years old
  • Built to last long
  • Strong Frame
  • Pretty stable ride


  • Brakes are not comfortable to use

7: Schwinn Sting Pro & Predator BMX

Schwinn Sting Pro & Predator BMX
  • It is equipped with a hi-tensile steel frame making it exceptionally strong and durable
  • The caliper brakes provide smooth stopping no matter the terrain
  • It is affordable and has a retro style that attracts most the users
  • This bike is quite easy to assemble and has a low maintenance

Key Specifications:

MaterialAluminum frame
Bike TypeBMX
Age Range Youth
Color Multiple colors
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specifications of Schwinn Sting Pro & Predator BMX

Schwinn Pro and predator BMX has a retro design, hi-tensile Frame, and aluminum rims that make it strong, stable, and faster, unlike the other Schwinn models, such as Schwinn high timber. The feature that makes it different from Schwinn high timber is the excellent brakes and stable wheels.

This BMX frame is based on the iconic 1989 design, giving it a retro look and excellent finishing. The product has a super-strong frame that can’t affect any terrain while moving. It is suitable for riders of height 4’8 to 5’8. Due to the classic handlebars, you can easily ride on them without discomfort.

Moreover, the bike has a laid-back seat that keeps your back in a very comfortable position, so you’ll not have any back pain while riding for hours. It is covered with decals and aesthetic paints to give this product a fabulous vintage look.

Furthermore, the bike comes with the rear caliper brake, which allows you to have a smooth ride and easily stop no matter what the terrain is. Don’t worry. You’ll not need to spend hours assembling and maintenance of this bike.

It is pretty easy to assemble and requires low maintenance too. The aluminum rims will have excellent strength and are lightweight as aluminum is famous for being portable. Schwinn has added a tubular crankset that adds stiffness and strength for speedy accelerations to ride the bike with great speed.


  • Attractive design
  • Robust Frame
  • Low maintenance
  • Impressive brakes


  • The seat is a bit narrow

8: Eastern Bikes Orbit BMX

Eastern Bikes Orbit BMX
  • The orbit comes with a steel frame that is rugged enough to combat road challenges
  • Due to the sealed rear cassette, the bike will last longer and ensure a smooth ride
  • It has excellent grips and comfortable pedals
  • The product has 20 years of warranty life

Key Specification:

Bike Type BMX
Age Range 13 years and older
Color Yellow
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specification of Eastern Bikes Orbit BMX

This is a beginner bike suitable for the 13 years old and older but far better than other bikes for beginners by eastern such as Pay dirt eastern bike. It has a double-wall rim and Hi-tensile steel frame with Chromoly down tube, making it highly durable compared to the Paydirt eastern bike.

Due to the constructions with Hi-tensile steel, the Frame of this bike will never break even if you ride on any worst terrain. It has sealed front and rear hubs that ensure that no dirt enters the bike system and provides a smooth riding experience for the user.

Riding on this bike is plain sailing due to the lightweight and high-end grips. Furthermore, the seat has medium width quite comfortable for the 13 years kid. It features a sealed bearing integrated headset and 3 Chromoly cranks.

The product has four pegs making it sturdy enough to grind on the rails and ledges. Due to the rotor included in this BMX freestyle bike, the handlebars will move to 360 rotation without tangling up the brake cables. Isn’t it exciting? Get your hands on this product if you want your kid to ride the bike freely.


  • Long-lasting smooth ride
  • Solid bike
  • Freestyle handlebars
  • Amazing grips


  • Installation is tricky

9: Dynacraft Tony Hawk BMX Bike Boys and Mens 24 Inch

Dynacraft Tony Hawk
  • This product has a lightweight and weighs only 31 pounds
  • It is equipped with a U style brake for safe riding
  • The bike is super strong made up of a durable steel frame
  • It has a stylish design and an attractive appearance

Key Specifications:

Bike Type BMX
Age Range 9-12years
Wheel size24 inches
Key Specifications of Dynacraft Tony Hawk

It comes with an adjustable seat and padded saddle that makes the bike super comfortable to use for a longer duration, making it better than previous versions by Dynacraft, such as Dynacraft Magna.

The bike has an excellent and sleek design, so you can easily store it anywhere without worrying about space issues. It is made up of a steel frame make the cycle super durable and long-lasting. This product comes with a threadless stem to install the bike more quickly, and it improves the performance.

Due to the U-style brake and lever, stopping this bike is relatively smooth and too quick. You can quickly move the handlebars to 360 degrees like a pro. The bike seat is fully padded and super comfortable, so you can ride for hours without having any pain.

Moreover, it has easy assembling and does not require any professional help. The BMX frame is lightweight, so moving it for kids or adults is plain sailing. It comes with the rear hand brakes equipped with an alloy lever so that you’ll be enjoying a smooth ride on the terrains too. One can adjust it according to your comfort and height with an adjustable seat.


  • Lightweight Frame
  • Padded saddle
  • Adjustable seat
  • Incredible brakes


  • Not long-lasting

10: Jet BMX 20

Jet BMX 20
  • It comes with a U brake that allows smooth stopping
  • This product is an all-rounder suitable for all types of riding
  • It has a sealed bearing in rear cassettes and cranks for high-end reliability
  • The product is durably made up of a High tensile frame

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeBMX
Age Rangeyears
Color Gloss Black & Camo
Wheel size20 inches
Key Specifications of Jet BMX 20

This is the freestyle BMX best for all types of riding and has sealed bearings in rear cassettes and cranks to boost durability and reliability, unlike the other products by Jet BMX, such as Jet BMX Accelerator.

This bike is made up of a high tensile frame that provides extra strength so that the chances of breakage are too low. Each of the components used in this bike is selected according to modern-day BMX ridings, such as 25t sprocket, three-piece cranks, top load stems, and 2.25 tires.

It comes with a shorter top tube and has high-end geometry that suits the riders with a height of 4ft to 5ft. The product has a U brake that stops the bike without hassle. This bike is lighter, stronger, and stiffer than other products available at this price range.

Due to the padded seat, you can ride comfortably without pain in the back. With the sealed hubs and bearings, the bike will be safe from any kind of dirt so that performance will not be affected by any means.


  • Stronger bike
  • Padded seat
  • Suitable for beginners
  • High reliability


  • Assembling isn’t easy


Above, we’ve mentioned the best BMX bikes under 500 in detail. Get yourself the one that goes with the requirements and suits your budget. If you’re looking for an affordable bike for yourself or your little champ, check out all the above products.

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