Bike riding is a popular sport worldwide, making it a remarkable hobby for many families, including their children. Many people are familiar with Moto-cross riding, but it makes many parents conscious of their kids getting into such sports. So, the mini dirt bikes are excellent starter bikes for kids, teenagers, and adult riders as well – they are small, low-maintenance bikes and are comparatively easy to ride than other conventional bikes out there! On top of that, they are easy on your wallet!

Moreover, your kids can learn a lot from mini dirt bike riding as they also develop discipline and improve coordination. The mini dirt bikes are an excellent way to devote some time outdoors for children and teens with lots of energy. Further, mini dirt biking is so much fun!

But do you know what you should buy? We took a look at the top models on the market, which one you should invest and what features to consider. So here in this article, we’ll share the most family-friendly best mini bikes! So, let’s get started!

Comparison table of our 10 best mini bikes pickups:

ProductsBrandItem weightWhat’s specialPrice
XtremepowerUS Gas pocket mini dirt bikeXtremepowerUS53 poundsEPA approved, cool and sleek design, fuel-efficient, stable tiresPrice
Massimo Motor MB200 196CC mini dirt bikeM Massimo Motor68.95 kgThe sturdy braking system, headlight, CARB approved, durable framePrice
SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt BikeSYX Moto60 poundsSafety kill switch, speed governor, pull-start, shock-absorber tiresPrice
FRP 40CC 4-stroke Pocket Mini BikeFit Right53 poundsEPA Approved, dual disc brakes, fuel-efficient, 60-days warranty, stylish designPrice
XtremepowerUS Pro 105cc 4-stroke mini dirt bike    XtremepowerUS 90 poundsRugged design, low noise, pull-start engine, maximum weight capacity, low-pressure tiresPrice
Superrio 49cc 2-stroke gas mini dirt bikeSuperrio130 poundsAutomatic transmission, chain-drive, alloy steel frame, shock-suspensionPrice
Moto Tec 105cc 3.5HP gas mini dirt bikeMoto Tec110 poundsAutomatic clutch, no dent fenders, rugged steel frame, large padded seat, easy pull throttlePrice
HONEY JOY Ride On Motorcycle Mini Electric bikeHONEY JOY27.5 poundsTraining wheels, shock-absorber spring, built-in music, and stories, environmentally friendly, lightweightPrice
FRP Mini Gas Pocket Bike 40cc 4 strokeFit Right53 poundsEPA approved, fuel-efficient, sturdy braking systemPrice
Fit Right 12V kids mini dirt bikeFit Right35 poundsTraining wheels, Headlight and tail light, Bluetooth, music, powerful battery, EVA foam rubber tiresPrice
Comparison table of out 10 Best Mini Bikes pickups

1: XtremepowerUS 40cc Gas Pocket Mini Bike

xtremepowerUS 40cc Gas Pocket Mini Bike
  • The bike is made with a high tensile tube steel frame, giving extra stability and balance to riders.
  • It comes with 11-inch large pneumatic tires that support and assist during riding.
  • It holds a fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine that is environmentally friendly and is durable.
  • The bike is EPA approved, so it doesn’t cause any harmful effects to your health.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypePocket bike
 Age range13 years and up
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeOne disc front, one disc rear throttle
Frame MaterialSteel
key specifications of XtremepowerUS 40cc Gas Pocket Mini Bike

Take a break from your smartphones and laptops! Bring your children to an outdoor adventure and make fun memories with this XtremepowerUS Gas Minibike! It is perfect for giving driveway and entertainment to your kids, teenagers, and 13 years and older. The mini pocket bike will give a unique experience and adventurous ride as it’s truly a piece of art.

The bike is manufactured with a compact steel frame having high tensile strength, providing extra safety and stability during riding. You can be amazed by its small size, but it is packed with a punch – adults even 6 feet tall can easily ride on it! Moreover, the pocket bike comes with 11-inches of large pneumatic tires, giving easy balance, support, and maintenance to riders.

Also, XtremepowerUS 40cc holds a 4-stroke engine more potent than the previous model 49cc 2-stroke! Plus it offers long life and is environment friendly. Further, the bike is even registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency, so you can use it for years to come without being anxious about any adverse effects on your health.


  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • 40cc 4-stroke engine
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • The muffler is not of good quality

2: MASSIMO Motor MB200 196CC Mini Bike

MASSIMO Motor MB200 196CC Mini Bike
  • The bike features a 196cc engine, giving 30mph high speed, and can easily pull riders up to 240lbs.
  • It comes with a sturdy braking system for providing safety, stability, and solidity to the riders.
  • The bike holds a front headlight, a chain guard, kick-stand, and a storage compartment in front of the seat.
  • It is convenient to operate, giving easy control over the direction and speed.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeTrail bike
 Age rangeAdults
Wheel size12 inches
Suspension TypeFront
Frame MaterialSteel
Key Specifications of MASSIMO Motor MB200 196CC Mini Bike

If you want to experience the heavy thrill of riding more safely, MASSIMO Motor MB200 is the ultimate choice for you! The bike comes with a 196cc four-stroke engine that can surpass any of its challengers on the market! Also, it can provide up to 30mph top speed, leading on peak than other mini bikes. Besides this, the bike’s sturdy frame can support all weights and heights, ensuring you a comfortable ride. Moreover, the bike has a large fuel tank capacity, making it better than its comparative model Coleman Powersports mini dirt bike.

Coming next, the bike has a recoil pull-start mechanism that can permit you to start or off the bike with proficiency. Moreover, the essential compression ratio of the bike will ensure you the fastest transmission, offering you the most optimum experience so far.

The MASSIMO Motorbike features a dual front suspension cushion that will improve your comfort zone to the next level. Further, incorporating larger off-road tires will enhance the ground clearance, providing you with much relaxation and comfort. On top of that, the pre-assembled design of the bike will allow you to initiate your travel in a moment.


  • Engine stop switch and chain guard
  • Exhaust heat shield
  • Dual front suspension
  • Larger fuel tank


  • Limited warranty

3: SYX MOTO Holeshot 50cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike

SYX MOTO Holeshot 50cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike
  • The bike comes with an improved speed limiter feature to limit speed from 30mph to 15mph.
  • It is lightweight, giving easy control to the rider during driving.
  • The bike features front and back disc brakes, offering maximum safety and security to your kids.
  • It is designed with a fully automatic transmission that makes riding convenient and fun for newbies.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeGas dirt bike, Pit bike
 Age rangeSix years old or younger
Wheel size12 inches
Suspension TypeFront and rear brake
Frame MaterialSteel, Alloy wheels
Key Specifications of SYX MOTO Holeshot 50cc Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Does your little one fond of bike riding and wants a mini dirt bike for him? If yes, here you go! SYX Moto has introduced a gas dirt bike that will let your child enjoy riding without worrying about any accidents. It is one of the best mini bikes for kids who are a novice in the world of bike riding. The SYX bike weighs only 48lbs, which is less than most mini dirt bikes made for kids. So, it lends your kid easy control of the bike during the journey.

Next, the bike has a front and rear disc brake for added safety features, so your kid can use a braking system to stop the bike safely and quickly. Moreover, SYX Moto mini dirt bike features an upgraded speed governor system, so you can change and set the speed limit of the bike depending on the driving experience of your kid.

Further, the bike has installed a 2-stroke engine upgraded from the previous SYX Moto dirt bike model. The engine of the earliest models made an unpleasant noise while running; however, this dirt bike is relatively quieter than them.


  • Fully automatic transmission
  • Upgraded speed governor
  • Large alloy dirt tires
  • Maximum fuel tank capacity


  • Needs assembly

4: FRP 40cc 4-stroke pocket bike

FRP 40cc 4-stroke pocket bike
  • The bike is durable as it has an extra-rigid power-coated frame.
  • It comes with front and rear disc brakes, giving maximum control to save your kids for easy balance from over speed.
  • It features a tube steel frame for extra stability and support to the riders.
  • The bike equips a 40cc 4-stroke motor and can go up to 20mph.

Key Specifications

Bike TypePocket bike, mini dirt bike
 Age rangeKids over eight years older
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeFront, Rear, Dual
Frame MaterialSolid metal
Key Specifications of FRP 40cc 4-stroke pocket bike

Do your kids bike lovers, and you’re conscious about their safety? You can’t avoid giving FRP 40cc mini dirt bike a try! The kid’s dirt bike is manufactured with a durable, proven clutch and a sturdy metal tube steel frame, giving extra stability and support. Also, it equips front and rear dual disc brakes that offer smooth and fast stopping power, ensuring your kids are not going over the speed at various skill levels.

Coming next, FRP mini dirt bike comes with a powerful 40cc engine with a fully automatic chain drive transmission system. It can allow your kids to travel on any terrain with a maximum speed of up to 20mph, which is more up-gradation than the previous model FRP 01 40CC dirt bike.

The best part is that there is no fuss of mixing oil and gas since this is a 4-stroke bike, taking regular gas out of the pump. Besides this, the bike offers an easy pull start operation system, making it the perfect one for any teen rider! Further, the low-pressure 11-inch pneumatic knobby tires give a smooth, even, and soft ride even on rough terrains.’


  • Chain drive transmission system
  • Sturdy metal tube steel frame
  • EPA approved
  • Pull-start operation system


  • Costly

5: XtremepowerUS Pro 105cc 4-stroke mini bike

XtremepowerUS Pro 105cc 4-stroke mini bike
  • The bike is designed with a sturdy metal frame, giving longevity and heavy-duty power.
  • The low-pressure tires offer smooth and soft riding, even on complex and rugged terrains.
  • The powerful bike can effortlessly accommodate kids, teens, and older up to 185 lbs.
  • The 4-stroke engine can offer you enough power through the trails all day while being gas efficient.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeTrail bike, mini dirt bike
 Age rangeKids, Adults, 16+
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeSuperior front and back
Frame MaterialSturdy steel
Key Specifications of XtremepowerUS Pro 105cc 4-stroke mini bike

XtremepowerUS 105cc mini dirt bike generates nostalgia for all ages of people! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid, teen, or an adult – the bike is made for you! It is designed to be fast and stable without compromising control or safety when used. The bike comes with large pneumatic knobby tires with a superior suspension that offers a good grip, so you can quickly go over dips and bumps on the roads.

The bike is manufactured with a steel frame, offering maximum durability and stability. So you can get long-term entertainment and fun by using this mini bike! Also, it equips a 4-stroke engine that is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient with a long life. Besides this, the motor engine can allow you to travel at a max speed of up to 60mph, more than the previous model XtremepowerUS 40cc bike.

Moreover, XtremepowerUS 105cc mini dirt bike features a front hydraulic and back spring suspension to provide you with a comfortable and smooth riding experience. Further, it also has a hand-operated front and back braking system to quickly get a stop when needed.


  • High tensile steel frame
  • Load maximum weight
  • Superior front and back spring suspension
  • High torque motor


  • Require some assembly

6: Superrio 49CC 2-stroke Gas power Mini Bike

Superrio 49CC 2-stroke Gas power Mini Bike
  • The bike is designed with a maximum seat height of 22 inches, so there is lots of space for bigger kids.
  • The bike equips a 2-stroke engine having a top speed of up to 20mph.
  • It can carry a maximum weight of around 130 pounds, so if your kids are obese, they can easily ride on it.
  • The bike is manufactured with a sturdy aluminum frame, offering longevity and durability.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeMini dirt Gas bike, off-road bike
 Age rangeKids
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeRear, Front
Frame MaterialAluminum frame
Key Specifications of Superrio 49CC 2-stroke Gas power Mini Bike

The Superrio 49cc 2-stroke mini dirt bike is another fantastic bike for kids, and it is specifically designed for first-time riders due to its engine, size, power, and price point! If your kid can balance on a conventional bicycle without training wheels, they are ready to go with this mini dirt bike!

The bike is manufactured with a 2-stroke engine with a maximum speed of around 20mp, so you don’t need to worry about your little ones dragging this too fast. Moreover, the mini dirt bike has a maximum weight capacity of 130 pounds, more than the SXMOTO 49CC mini dirt bike, plus it has a seat height of 22 inches, so there is plenty of room for bigger kids.

Next, the Superrio mini bike has a front and rear suspension fork, making it ideal for trail riding. Also, the mechanical disc brakes, sturdy aluminum frame, and a kick start all add up to a highly equipped bike for the price. Besides this, the low riding style of this mini bike provides it a secure feel that is marvelous as it is grounded to the road. Furthermore, a comfortable cruiser is ideal if your kids want to enjoy road-riding. Thus the Superrio mini bike is the best gift for your younger ones!


  • 49cc 2-stroke engine
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Perfect for beginner riders
  • No set-up required


  • A bit fussy to start the bike

7: Moto Tec 105cc 3.5HP Gas Powered Mini Bike

Moto Tec 105cc 3.5HP Gas Powered Mini Bike
  • The bike is designed with durable alloy steel and can load up to the maximum weight of 185lbs.
  • It equips a powerful 105cc engine that can run at 23mph.
  • It features a chain drive and an automatic clutch to ensure convenient operation.
  • The starter type is easy to pull, so your kids can easily manage the bike.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeMini dirt Gas bike
 Age rangeEight years and up
Wheel size36.5 inches base
Suspension TypeRear, Front
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Key Specifications of Moto Tec 105cc 3.5HP Gas Powered Mini Bike

Are you hunting for a new mini dirt bike for your junior ones? Moto Tec 105cc is a perfect choice for you – it is one of the best mini bikes for teenagers! It is specially designed for younger family members from the age of 8, and it can carry up to 185lbs. We highly recommend this gas dirt bike because its maximum speed of 23mph is ideal for young riders. Moreover, the automatic transmission feature is an advantage for an untrained rider, and the throttle system allows you to alter the speed level.

The large thick pneumatic tires have a wide surface area compared to the Mega Moto 80cc Youth mini bike so that they can handle the roughest and most challenging terrain. Also, the 105cc engine has more power than the average dirt bike, giving a fantastic riding experience to your kids. Besides this, the adjustable handlebars and mechanical disc brakes enhance the riding experience, helping your kid stay in control of the dirt bike. Furthermore, the large padded seat and centrifugal clutch deliver outstanding stability and a comfortable riding experience.


  • Automatic transmission
  • Wide base pneumatic tires
  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Seat height can be small for short kids

8: HONEY JOY Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Mini Electric Dirt Bike

HONEY JOY Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Mini Electric Dirt Bike
  • The bike comes with two training wheels, giving extra safety and balance to the riders.
  • The bike is manufactured with high-quality strong iron and environmentally friendly PP materials.
  • It features a 12V battery and a powerful shock absorber spring that ensures smooth and comfortable riding.
  • It has built-in music, stories, rear view mirrors, and lights for kids.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeMini bike, Electric bike
 Age range3 to 8 years
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeRear, Front
Frame MaterialIron
Key Specifications of HONEY JOY Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Mini Electric Dirt Bike

The Honey Joy Mini dirt bike is specially made for toddlers and very young children! The color, shape, and graphics are all designed to make it look fascinating and charming to children. Its 12V battery gives maximum power for kids to enjoy riding indoors and outdoors like smooth surfaces, concrete, or wood flooring. Moreover, the sturdy build looks and feels relatively stable, so you don’t need to worry about the support and balance of your children.

The Honey Joy electric bike comes with two sturdy training wheels that are very low to the ground, giving your little ones support, stability, and balance. Next, the mini bike is designed with a soft ergonomic seat, so your kids can easily hop on and off on it. Also, the handlebars are spacious, making it convenient for smaller hands to hang on to! Moving next, the bike comes with wear-resistant tires with a powerful shock absorber spring – the best feature you’ll not find in its comparative model SYXMOTO Holeshot 2-stroke kids mini bike.

So, HONEY JOY can assure your kids a smooth and relaxing riding experience. Not only this, the bike is equipped with some amazing features – it has built-in music, stories, lights, rear view mirrors that can bring fun and the most realistic driving experience to your little ones!


  • Sturdy Training wheels
  • Shock-absorber spring
  • Wear-resistant tires
  • Headlight and tail-light


  • Required assembly

9: FRP Mini Gas Pocket Bike

FRP Mini Gas Pocket Bike
  • The bike features one front disc brake with one rear brake, giving vital security features to your children.
  • The sizeable pneumatic street tires offer maximum balance and allow your kids to ride on every type of terrain.
  • The frame is coated with extra-rigid power and high tensile steel material, providing toughness and durability.
  • The bike can go up to a maximum speed of 27 miles with just 0.32-gallon gas.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeMini dirt Gas bike, pocket bike
 Age rangeKids over age 13
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeRear, Front, Dual
Frame MaterialSteel
Key Specifications of FRP Mini Gas Pocket Bike

Are you searching for the best dirt bike to get your young ones engaged in the sport? The FRP mini gas dirt bike can be your best bet – it is one of the best mini bikes in market! It is the most reliable, robust, and affordable dirt bike for teens, making it our top choice! The bike comes with an air-cooled 4-stroke engine with a 40cc engine displacement that is not too blaring or intimidating for newbies.

Moreover, the 4-stroke engine provides a better riding experience than the SAY YEAH 50cc 2-stroke mini bike engine so that you can feel more secure and sturdy on uneven roads, plus it can assist kids in maintaining better control.

The bike also includes safety features like front and rear disc brakes to immediately stop the bike during travel, improving the kid’s skill level. On top of that, the FRP mini dirt bike is fuel efficient bike as it can go up to the maximum speed of 27 miles per hour with just 0.32-gallon gas. How incredible is this? Moreover, the pocket bike is an EPA-approved and environmentally friendly bike, so it doesn’t cause any unreasonable adverse effects on the rider’s health.


  • Large thick tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Fuel-efficient bike
  • EPA approved


  • Requires maintenance

10: Fit Right 12V Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Fit Right 12V Kids Mini Dirt Bike
  • The bike is powered by a 12V battery and can ride up to 1.5hr per single charge.
  • It features two forward speeds and one reverse speed with accelerated handlebar control.
  • It equips music, Bluetooth connection, LED headlight, and tail light, giving fun to children.
  • The bike comes with dual training wheels for a more comfortable and stable riding experience.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeMini dirt bike, electric bike
 Age range3 to 8 years old
Wheel size11 inches
Suspension TypeRear, Front, Dual
Frame MaterialRubber
Key Specifications of Fit Right 12V Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Fit Right is renowned for its electric bike, and it also appeared as a top producer for kid’s bikes! The Fit Right 12V is a scaled-down Moto-cross electric dirt bike that is battery-powered and upgraded for off-road riding. It’s a small electric dirt bike with training wheels made specifically for kids between 3 and 8 years old. Moreover, the bike has a maximum weight capacity of 66lbs, more than the Onset 12.5 electric mini dirt bike.

Thanks to a 12V powerful battery, the bike can run up to 1.5 hours per single charge. Moreover, it has high torque for challenging hills and sharp corners. Also, it comes with two-speed levels, two forward and one reverse, for a balanced and sturdy riding venture. The speed is controlled via the accelerated handlebar control for reticent yet powerful performance. Besides this, the riser handlebars are adjustable, and the EVA foam rubber tires make riding

comfortable, smooth, and relaxing. Further, the model is convenient to maneuver, and the steering wheel is perfectly designed for kids. Next, the electric dirt bike is also equipped with music, a front and back headlight, and integrated Bluetooth, giving a lot of entertainment to children. Hence, the Fit Right bike is a fun and safe option for introducing kids to off-road riding.


  • EVA foam rubber tires
  • Two-speed levels
  • Training wheels
  • Integrated Bluetooth and music


  • Only run for 1.5 hour


Riding a mini dirt bike is so much fun and an excellent hobby as you can enjoy the dare of learning to control the bike on different trails! So, it’s necessary to select the right mini dirt bike for yourself or your kids that can be convenient to control and meet high-quality standards. Our handy article will give you the perfect place to start buying the best mini bikes. So go and grab yours!

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