Cool Bike Accessories – Buy the Essentials for your Bike!

A well-equipped bike is best to make your journey delightful whether you occasionally ride, casually, or daily. Adding cool yet functional accessories to your bike makes it even more to ride. Are you looking for cool bike accessories to spice up your boring daily ride?

We have got you back because this article suggests some cool accessories to make your bike look aesthetically pleasing. Not only do we have to pay attention to the aesthetics, but also the functionality. Read more about some of the best accessories that can make your commute easy and pleasant. Here you go!

Cool Bike Accessories

How to make your bike look cool?

Back in the day, owning a bike used to get you the title of a cool kid. Unfortunately, most kids and adults these days own a bike; hence, standing out in the crowd is not that easy. If your bike seems too plain, you can add cool accessories to make it more unique. 

This way, not only will you earn the title of a cool kid, but you will also enjoy your daily ride. Here are a few ways to make your plain bike funkier and cooler:

1: Customize the look  

One of the best ways to spice up a boring-looking bike is to customize its outlook. You can be as adventurous as possible. A wide variety of funky paddles, grips, saddles, water bottle cages, handlebar tape, etc., is available.

You can get these customizable accessories for as cheap as $5 from local bike shops. If you are good at arts, you can also paint your bike the way you like. Spray painting the metal body and drawing the patterns you like can make it unique. The personalized touch will make you stand out in the crowd.

2: Use a play card for sound

Adults habitually change their motorbike sounds to make them more distinct and recognizable from a distance. You can do the same with your bike to give it a personalized touch and produce a sound that motivates you to bike even harder. One of the best ways to get your bike to produce a distinct sound is to use a playing card.

You can stick the car in one of your bike’s rear forks and extend it enough so that they get caught in the spokes. When the playing card comes in contact with a spoke, it produces a distinct sound. As you speed up your bike, the sound gets even more intense.

3: Design cool handles

If you are looking for cheaper ways to customize your bike, it is better to do something with the handles. Handles are the first thing people notice when they look at your bike. Hence, it is a good idea to tackle them. You can either get bright color handle covers or draw a custom design.

It is best to take a waterproof sharpie and draw patterns on the handle you like. Make sure you are confident with your drawing skills because you don’t want to ruin the handles. You can also get help from a friend or someone who makes customized patterns on things like bikes.

4: Use paint pens

Using spray paint on your bike to make it look distinct can be a brave move that can also ruin it. Hence, playing safely and using paint pens to draw little objects is best. You can also use a removable marker to draw rough patterns.

You can carefully sketch the design on the bike’s frame using paint pens. The outcome is always very cool and makes your bike look unique. It is best to use a lacquer or top coat to protect and shine the design.

Some cool bike accessories to invest in

If you are a bike enthusiast, investing in some cool accessories would be good to add a personalized touch. Here are some accessories that would be a nice addition to your bike:

1: Laser bike lights

Laser-enhanced bike lights are a fun accessory yet a functional one. The neon green light helps you navigate in the dark and makes a cool pattern on the ground. The 300 lumens laser light is lightweight, long-lasting, durable, and very easy to install.

2: Invest in a cool helmet

A bike helmet is one of the most understated things, and people don’t invest much in it. However, a funky helmet can enhance your personality and keep you protected. You can also get light-powered helmets for better visibility.

Cool Protection Helmet

3: Innovative saddle

Most bikes don’t have a nice comfortable saddle; hence, it is best to replace it. You can invest in a soft leather saddle with a storage compartment. It is comfortable yet functional, adding oomph to your bike’s appearance.

4: Rear Bike Light

One of the things that most bikes lag is a rear light which is important for most bikers. The laser or bright light on the bike’s rear makes it safer to ride in the dark and makes it attention-grabbing. It also comes in different shapes and sizes to suit every individual’s personality.

5: Water bottle compartment

Water bottle compartments are essential, especially if you go on longer rides. You can get the funky colored water bottle compartments to match your personality. The double compartment ones are the best for people who like to stay hydrated. It would be best if you got the easy-to-install and durable ones.

6: Attaching Bag Carrier

A carrier bag attachment is a lifesaver for most people who use a bike for their daily commute. The weatherproof and abrasion-resistant bags look phenomenal and can also carry essentials such as a laptop. A detachable carrier bag with a sling or strap is perfect for students and serves multiple purposes.


Only bikers know how important their bike’s appearance is to them. A unique bike tells a lot about an individual’s personality. Hence, we mentioned some cool bike accessories that can spice up your boring-looking ride and grab people’s attention.

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