Looking for interesting outdoor ideas that can put you on edge? We think biking is a great sport that helps pump up your adrenaline yet keeps you fit. Biking is fun only when you have a bike that won’t give you a hard time on challenging terrains. If you are looking for a great quality bike at an affordable price, we might have precisely what you are looking for.

When talking about bikes, one cannot help but remember Eurobike. Eurobike is one of the brands that has generated a good name for itself over the years. It is a German brand that two gentlemen started to provide users with high-quality bikes with immense stability.

Eurobike G4 cycle did not disappoint us as it offers excellent features. The 26-inch tires are large enough to have a faster pace and better speed on the road. It has 21-speed options through which you can slowly ride around the town or buzz through challenging terrains. It is a foldable design; hence, its portability is significantly increased. You won’t mind a full Eurobike G4 review, would you? Considering the demand for the bike, we have decided to do a full review of it.

Eurobike G4 review
Eurobike G4 review

Product Overview:

If you are looking for a bike that fits various riding styles, Eurobike G4 is perfect for you. It has 26-inch air-filled rubber tires that are made for harsh surfaces. The bike is made to provide excellence and stability on the road. We like how you have 21 different speed options to ride at your own pace. Through the smooth speed shifter, you can easily switch between speeds. We think it is an affordable bike for the features it provides.

One thing that makes it best for uphill, downhill, and off-road riding is its dual suspension. It has both front and rear suspension, ideal for maximum shock absorption. You can ride faster on the trails or compete with your friends. In either case, you will have a comfortable ride due to its durable tires and impeccable shock absorption ability. The strong steel frame is one of the things that makes it the top user choice. It is pretty sturdy and holds a person’s weight ideally. It has multi-tooth tires that have a better grip on slippery surfaces.

Key Specifications:

BrandEuro bike
Bike typeMountain bike 
Specific FeatureFolding bike 
Specific UseOutdoor sports
Wheel size  26-inch 
Suspension TypeDual 
Number of Speeds21 
Included components  Pedal and tool kit
Key Specifications OF Eurobike G4 Review

Key Features:

1. Multi-toothed tires

The Eurobike G4 model has great tires that help you cover miles in minutes. The air-filled rubber tires are exceptional, making them perfect for challenging terrains. We love how tires are spooky and multi-toothed, which is ideal for enhancing the grip on the road. If you go uphill, downhill, or mountain biking, you will have a safe experience. 

The aluminum alloy material is the best durability when riding on rugged terrains. On the other hand, it has dual suspension on both the front and rear ends for better shock absorption. You can ride on the highway, mountain, forest, or slippery paths without fear of accidents.

2. Frame and structure

One thing that is common in all Eurobike bikes is the sturdy frame and classic look. The bike’s design is not overpowering; it’s simple yet eye-catching. We like how manufacturers pay close attention to durability. The steel frame is high-quality and scratch-resistant, which is the best for riding in harsh environments. 

3. Dual suspension

Shock absorption is one of the critical factors that make or break a bike. We like how the Eurobike G4 has a dual suspension which helps in maximum shock absorption. The MTB forks on both rear- and front ends help mellow down the vibrations and make the ride smoother. 

On the other hand, the dual disc brakes supported by the fork suspension add immense stopping power. You can press the brake and experience the bike coming to a halt in a second. You can press the brake with two fingers to prevent accidents and mellow down the speed.

4. Durable folding design

The Eurobike G4 has an urban design perfect for multiple riding purposes. We love how you can easily fold the bike and make it compact. It becomes easier to carry the bike to longer destinations and trails. You can go to the supermarket or shopping center on the bike. It is a perfect bike to take to work daily. One thing that users benefit a lot from is portability. We like the bike for off-road experiences as it has a sturdy frame.

5. Adjustable seat and speed

You get 21-speed shifting options in the bike with easy-to-use gear. You can easily change speed as control is beneath your fingers. The switching action is smooth and helps you ride at varying speeds. You can use the kickstand to rest the bike stably. On the other hand, you can adjust the speed according to your height and ride without giving yourself a backache.


  • 21 speeds
  • 26-inch tires
  • Dual suspension fork
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Foldable design


  • Disc makes noise

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Eurobike a good bike?

    Yes, we think Eurobike is a good bike as it has all the features you could need for a smoother ride. With a front and rear suspension fork, you feel super stable and have a smooth riding experience.

  • Where is Eurobike made?

    The Eurobike bikes are made in Germany and were co-founded by a student and teacher.

  • How many speed options does Eurobike have?

    There are 21-speed options in the Eurobike which is perfect for supporting different riding styles. You can smoothly switch gears to go faster or slower.


Investing your money in a mountain bike should be a well-thought decision as it is not cheap. Eurobike G4 provides excellent value for money as it is super durable and supports various riding styles. It has dual suspension, dual disc brakes, and a 21-speed gear shifter. We hope the Eurobike G4 review enlightened you enough.

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