Eurobike G7 Review – A bike that supports your riding style


Getting hands-on with a dual-suspension bike with an impeccable braking system is the dream of every rider. On top of that, if the bike fits your budget, it’s even better. You can find numerous bikes for on and off-road experiences in just one click. However, not all meet your requirements, and that too at a lower price.

When it comes to affordable and urban-style bikes, no one does it better than Eurobike. If you are passionate about biking and have owned one in your life, you must be aware of Eurobike. They have produced a series of hit mountain, electric, and off-road bikes. In this article, we are going to talk about Eurobike G7 mainly. 

It is a hit model with a great outlook and impeccably durable design. An 18-inch steel frame provides riders a fine riding experience and the ability to improve their performance. The aluminum body and lightweight design attract users.

The Eurobike g7 has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages that you must explore. To help you decide whether or not the bike is for you, we are bringing it to your Eurobike g7 review. We are going to go through every bike’s features elaborately. The in-depth analysis will genuinely help you decide whether the bike is for you or not. Let’s begin!

Eurobike g7 review
Eurobike g7 review

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Product Overview:

Eurobike G7 undoubtedly has the best quality, especially for the price. Let’s begin by talking about its design as it is one of the reasons why people purchase it. The bike’s design is classy and minimal, which resonates with many people. The sleek aluminum frame and wide 27.5-inch tires make your ride look beastly. One of the features which make it edge-cutting is 21-speed options and super-smooth gear shifting.

The bike is designed to provide you with outstanding performance and is made to fit modern needs. It has a foldable design which makes it super portable and easy to store. If you want to carry the bike on a long-distance trail, it will easily fit in your car’s trunk. The dual disc brakes make it ideal for aggressive riding on the trail.

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialSteel
Brake StyleDual disc  
Special featureFolding bike
Wheel size27.5 inches
Suspension TypeFront and Rear
Number of Speeds21
Item Weight18 kgs
Key Specifications OF Eurobike g7 review

Key Features:

  • Frame and design  

The Eurobike bikes are the best as they are made to provide users with a luxury experience. One core factor that the brand works on is durability. Hence, high-grade steel is curated by manufacturers to ensure the bike’s longevity is enhanced. The 27.5 inches tires are big enough to move at high speed and add a beastly look to the bike. 

The bike has an adjustable seat that you can adjust to your height. On the other hand, the handlebar is pushed forward to align you back with the bike for better performance. You can paddle faster in a pushed forward position.

  • Braking system

The braking system plays a pivotal role in making your ride secure and rewarding. Riding on trails and steep paths is exceptionally challenging; hence, a good braking system always comes to the rescue. The Eurobike g7 has a dual disc braking system, making stopping action much more powerful.

The brakes are given on the handlebar, and when you press them, the bike immediately comes to a halt. Sometimes, the brake might need tuning to apply smoothly, but the process is super simple. The brake also has a few holes to dissipate heat. It helps in fostering better brake performance on slippery surfaces.

  • Shock absorption

Shock absorption has to be something you focus on if you ride on challenging trails. The good news is that the Eurobike G7 has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities because of its suspension type. It has suspension on both the front and rear wheel to absorb impact from harsh bumps.

The shock absorber will make your rider smoother, whether riding on a slippery road or a bumpy trail. Apart from a smooth ride, it also helps in alleviating grip and increasing stability on the road. The chances of an accident are reduced significantly, making it highly safe to use.

  • Speed and weight capacity

Like most Eurobike models, the G7 one also has 21-speed options that can make your ride thrilling. You can switch between different speed settings and experiment with your riding style. It is effortless to change gear, especially when riding fast.

On the other hand, we like that the G7 bike has a 330 pounds weight capacity. The outwards handlebar is designed to provide more stability and better weight distribution. You can ride across fields faster than you anticipate with low paddle resistance. The spooky tires maximize grip and stability on the road.


  • 21-speeds gear shifter
  • Foldable design
  • Dual mechanical disc
  • 330 pounds weight capacity
  • Full suspension


  • Poor brake disc mounting

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Eurobike any good?

    Eurobike has all the features that one could want in a bike. It has a dual suspension and mechanical disc brake. Its tire grip is also commendable and provides maximum stability. Hence, it makes a good bike for versatile use.

  • Is Eurobike foldable?

    Yes, Eurobike has a foldable design as it is made to fit urban needs. You can take it with you in your car and store it in compact spaces.


Eurobike g7 review covers everything you need to know about the bike and its functionality. If you use their bike every day for commuting and riding on rugged trails, this one is best. It is versatile as it has multiple speed options and a great suspension. Even on slippery roads, you will have a stable and smooth riding experience.

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