Mountain biking is quickly becoming one of people’s favorite sports, primarily in the summertime. The aggressive sport keeps you on edge and makes your brain function faster. If you are passionate about mountain biking, you just need a good-quality bike. There are plenty of mountain bikes available in the market, but nothing beats Eurobike X1. 

If you have never heard of mountain Eurobike, you miss out big time. This beastly ride is exceptionally durable, lightning-fast, and durable. We love how the bike has bend-forward handles that help keep your body aligned for faster paddling. 

The 27.5-inch wheel rotates faster, making you buzz through the forest at a more incredible speed. On the other hand, the carbon steel frame is long-lasting and has better weight support. The cycle comes to a halt through the sensitive braking response as soon as you hit the brakes. The braking system is perfect for hilly and steep areas to avoid accidents.

Are you interested in a detailed Eurobike X1 review? This article will touch on every tiny detail about this mountain bike. It is quite an impressive bike according to its overall cost. On the other hand, it might be something you want to invest in for better performance. Let’s see what it has to offer:

Eurobike X1 review
Eurobike X1 review

Product Overview:

Eurobike X1 is undoubtedly an excellent investment for people who love mountain biking, and their passion continues to grow. We are mainly a fan of this bike because it has an ergonomic design that fosters excellent performance. The Eurobike carbon steel body will come in handy if you want to step up your riding game. It has 21-speed variations that are perfect for buzzing through the streets or running errands. On the other hand, it is also perfect for bumpy trails as it has a front suspension that absorbs shock seamlessly.

The Eurobike will not fail to impress the by-passers as it has a striking design. You will not only perform well but look good riding it. Its high-quality steel-carbon frame is excellent for handling more than 300 pounds of weight. While it provides excellent stability on the road, it also has minimum paddling resistance. You will enjoy your ride to the fullest because it is effortless.

Key Specifications:

BrandEuro Bike
Frame MaterialCarbon-steel
Special feature  Tough trail riding
Tire Size27.5 inches 
Suspension TypeFront 
Number of Speeds21
Age rangeAbove 15
Key Specifications Of Eurobike X1 Review

Key Features:

1. Sturdy Frame

We want to start the Eurobike review by discussing the feature worth the purchase. It has a high-quality carbon steel frame that is sturdy enough to hold 300 pounds of weight. The material adds luster to the bike, making it attractive to watch as you buzz through the streets. One thing that we love about the bike is that it has a scratch-resistant surface. You can fall on the rough trail, but your bike will remain intact. It comes pre-assembled; you only have to fix the pedals and the handle. If you are not a technical person, you can call for a free assembly service.

2. Wheel-Quality

As we mentioned above, the Eurobike X1 is faster, more durable, and safe to ride. The most important thing that makes a bike durable is its wheel. It has a 27.5-inch wheel which helps in a faster ride. It is made with air-filled rubber, which is perfect for equal pressure distribution. You don’t have to deal with frequent punctures and tire damage. On the other hand, we genuinely feel like the tire helps absorb vibrations. You don’t feel jerks and bumps as much when riding faster.

3. Braking system

We feel like a braking system can make or break a bike. The Eurobike X1 is our favorite as it has a unique braking system. The bike has a dual disc braking system surrounded by pinholes for regular heat dissipation. You can press the brake with your two fingers to experience impeccable braking action. Both front and rear disc brakes alleviate the stopping power. Hence, when you press the brake, it comes into action instantly. The bike’s braking system is perfect for bumpy and steep areas. On the other hand, the anti-skid tires support the stopping action.

4. Suspension Fork

A suspension fork is one of the main factors that make a bike perform to the fullest. The Eurobike X1 bike has a front suspension with excellent shock-absorbing technology. The front suspension makes it danger-proof. You will feel an immense grip no matter which type of surface you are riding on. You can buzz through the forest, ride through the wet mud, or go biking on a smooth highway. Due to the suspension fork, you can ride without any worries and have a joyful experience.


  • 21-speed options
  • Carbon-steel body
  • Front suspension fork
  • Dual braking system
  • 85% pre-assembled


  • Heavyweight

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Eurobike any good?  

    If you are looking for a good mountain bike that helps you perform better, we think Eurobike is a good option. It has 21-speed options and supports multiple riding styles. You will have a good and safe riding experience.

  • Where is Eurobike made?

    Eurobike is a German company that ships bicycles all across the world. You can get their bikes in local shops or online on Amazon.

  • Who owns Eurobike?

    Eurobike is co-owned by Walter Schmid and Herbert Wurtinger. Surprisingly, both had a student and teacher relationship when they started. 


Eurobike is an excellent brand for durability, safety, and a fast riding experience. It is easy to ride and provides a tremendous amount of stability. With 21-speed options, you can ride it on different terrains without fear of falling off. In the Eurobike X1 review, we tried to cover every feature and its potential benefits. We hope it helps you in making a decision.

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