Gravel Bike Vs. Road Bike – Find Out Everything You Need To Know!

Nowadays, drop handlebar bikes are available in so many different forms. That includes gravel bikes and road bikes. Now, what is the difference between the two and which one suits your needs, read on to find out!

Not so long ago, drop handlebar bikes were designed exclusively for driving leak a freak on the tarmac. Though we have always had touring bikes now, gravel bikes and road bikes have become a part of it and offer versatility on a much larger scale.

Both of these bikes are suitable for riding on the road and can handle a variety of terrains.

High-end gravel or road bike will serve you best for weekend riding or long route commuting. But if you’re in search of a new bike, then you might want to consider them both on a broader scale and figure out which one is the answer to all your needs.

Talking about both of these bikes in general below:

Road bikes

Road bikes are designed for riding on smooth tarmacs and are very lightweight and easy to handle. They are stiff, offer an extraordinary amount of stability so you can run as fast as you want in or outside of the traffic.

The main focus of a road bike is to provide you with complete control over your ride without any loss. You will find that most road bikes have a lower front end, whereas the top tube is much longer, which puts the rider in a tucked-down position.

The latest road bikes you will most commonly come across feature an aero-optimized tube along with a high-quality front end that make these bikes worth buying.

Gravel bikes

Gravel is famous for supporting the most comfortable position, featuring the most oversized tires, and handling almost all technical surfaces.

A gravel bike is so familiar with a mountain bike that it truly becomes difficult to choose between the two. MTBs and gravel bikes are pretty expensive. They deliver high-end performance, unlike something you have ever experienced before.

Gravel bikes are famous for being extremely optimal over rougher grounds. They are stable and ensure you don’t end up losing your balance when riding off-road. The best part is, the market of gravel bikes keeps expanding, and they have so many features that you will have to spend a day or two throttling between different models and choosing one for yourself.

A gravel bike will be your best companion if you want to get away from the road and go off-scene. It can deal with extreme weather conditions and is the perfect choice for riding away from the tarmac.

Significant differences between a gravel bike and a road bike!

Enlisting some of the significant differences between a road bike and a gravel bike below:

  • Frame

If you switch from a road bike to a gravel bike vice versa, the significant difference you will feel between the two is the frameset. It will provide you with a different riding position, but the riding style will also significantly change. So, this has to be the essential thing to consider when choosing between the two.

A road bike has a short wheelbase as compared to a gravel bike. This kind of design exists majorly to put you in an aerodynamic position where you have complete control over your speed.

A gravel bike comes with a longer head tube that puts you in a relaxed position. This is basically, so you don’t get tired by the end of a long ride. Nobody likes to feel their back cramped at the end of an enjoyable ride.

Also, the design of a gravel bike distributes your weight over the vehicle in a more technical manner. It places more of your weight on the rear wheel without any pressure on the front.

  • Wheelbase

As mentioned earlier, Gravel bikes feature bigger tires compared to road bikes. The point at which the wheels contact the ground is mostly longer on these bikes to ensure added stability.

As far as the wheelbase of road bikes goes, they are smaller and have a compact footprint to ensure the rider doesn’t have to carry or handle the unnecessary weight. The smaller wheels provide maximum speed to the rider, which comes in handy during a bike race.

Also, there aren’t many visual differences between the tires of both these bikes. However, there is a massive difference between the specifications of both these tires. When buying any of these bikes, make sure you check for the specifications and keep the quality in mind. If the tires aren’t made of 100% high-standard materials, you will probably regret your purchase.


So, this is everything we could gather on the gravel bike vs. road bike debate. Road bikes are mainly designed for smooth tarmacs, whereas gravel bikes work best for off-roading. There are significant design differences between the two which we are sure you have understood.

Choosing the correct type of bike involves some heavy blurred lines. You need to understand the difference between these lines, and only then will you pick an ideal motorcycle for yourself. A gravel bike is great if you frequently travel off-road, where you obviously cannot rely on any other type of bike.

A road bike will be the perfect choice for living in town, riding on roads at top speed. If you have any more questions regarding road and gravel bikes, do let us know through your feedback below.

Also, let us know how your experience has been if you have driven either one of these bikes.

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