Commuter road bikes are the workhorses of the cycling world – they transport people about their everyday lives! They are comfortable, functional, portable, and best for riding on various terrain, plus they are excellent in different weather conditions! If you’re looking for a road bike for your next trip or that can keep you rolling from work to the office with less maintenance, there are numerous choices on the market. However, the best commuting bike for you will rely heavily upon the essence of your commute; are the roads rough or flat? Will it incorporate a spin down your bike track? Or will it include a stint on public transport?

The key to selecting the best commuter bike is to make sure that it is empirical, convenient, and comfortable for the riding you want to do! Moreover, the bike you choose to ride will also depend on several factors, including distance, journey, weather, your taste in bikes, and where you live. But with varying prices and designs, it’ll be tricky for you to know which the best option is and how much you should spend on a bike. So, are you also in the same boat and searching for the best commuter road bike? Then, look no further – go for the Hiland 700CC road bike! Its quality and performance are far better than most other similar road bikes. Let’s have a complete review!

Hiland 700CC Road Bike
Hiland 700CC Road Bike

Product Overview:

So, if you want a bike with minimum cost, you can pick up this Hiland 700CC road bike without thinking anymore! The bike is surprisingly good – it has a durable, high-quality frame and is best for mid to entry-level riders! Also, the bike offers you high speed, agility, and efficiency, making it the best choice for long-way road cycling trips and daily commuters. Moreover, the braking system is robust, ensuring total control and safety on every type of terrain. Besides this, the 700CC wheels of the Hiland bike give you a high-speed experience, making your ride joyful to the next level!

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialHi-ten steel frame
Brake StyleDouble Caliper brakes
ShiftersShimano TY21 thumb shifter
Tire Size700×25C tires
Size54cm frame height
Number of Speeds14
Age rangeAdult
Item Weight17.06 kg
Key Specifications Of Hiland 700CC Road Bike

Key Features:

1. Sturdy bike frame:

The road bike frame always plays a significant role in load and fashion! The Hiland bike comes with a robust, durable, and stylish frame with a solid Hi-ten steel frame. As a result, the bike can serve you for many years without producing any technical issues or other problems. Moreover, the Hiland bike has shock-absorptive forks that can support the frame to stand still, giving security and high safety. Also, the frame is coated with black paint that will remain stainless throughout the year, even under severe weather conditions. So, we can say that bike is the best gift for you!

2. High-quality wheels:

As you know, the best quality wheels can minimize the pressure of carrying extra load and burden, so you don’t need to worry! The Hiland road bike is designed with robust aluminum rims that can easily endure extra load and other cargo – you can use it for ages without any doubt! Do you know what’s exciting? The bike has 700×25C heavy-duty tires, giving comfortable and smooth-riding plus maximizes your riding venture to the next stage. Moreover, the tires are powerful, and they can cope with any terrain, even on rainy days. Further, they offer longevity and durability, so you’ll not face the issue of changing them frequently.

3. Maximum Speed:

A bike without adequate speed is nothing but only a waste of time and money! So, the special thing about the Hiland 700CC bike is that it comes with TY21 thumb Shimano shifters, giving you a storm-like speed! Yes, it’s true! Now you can quickly reach your desired destination, even if it’s far away. Also, the shifters are sturdy, smooth, and well-polished, so they’ll not create any issues during riding. Hence, you’ll experience a contentment ride you never had before!

4. Heavy-duty braking system:

The Hiland bike includes front and rear brakes, giving you ultimate safety and preventing accidents! Also, the levers are made of high-class quality, so you don’t need to change them frequently. One more notable thing about brakes is that they perform very well as they can stop the bike without shaking it, so you’ll have complete control of your body. So, you can enjoy safe riding, even on slippery roads!

5. Lightweight:

A bike with heavy weight can cause several problems during riding as you’ve to carry an extra burden! But cheers! The Hiland bike is so lightweight that it is only 17.06 kg, including its pedals. So, you can ride conveniently on it as it’ll give you a sensation that you’re flying on the road! Isn’t it an exciting feature for a commuter like you? In the end, we must say that this bike will surely be an excellent buy for you!


  • Shifters are smooth and comfortable
  • Super lightweight
  • Spectacular design
  • Offers high speed


  • Pedals should be upgraded

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q.  Is the seat and handlebars of the Hiland bike adjustable?

    Yes, the Hiland 700CC road bike comes with adjustable handlebars and a seat! You can move up and down the seat, plus you can also adjust the forward and backward angle of the seat. Similarly, the height of handlebars can also be easily adjusted.

  • Q. Is the assembly of the Hiland bike complicated?

    The assembly is super convenient – it’s 85% pre-assembled! You can attach the rest of the things, including the saddle, pedal, handlebars, and front wheel, with the tools given by the package.

  • Q.  Is the Hiland bike worth the money?

    It’s worth the money as it offers powerful performance at an affordable price! The bike includes everything a commuter wants – from easy maintenance to the longevity of components!


Are you looking for a dedicated commuter bike for riding in a lower price range? If yes, you should go for a Hiland 700CC road bike! The bike is designed with high-quality steel frame material with excellent performing components, giving heavy-duty commuting and long-distance touring. Moreover, it’s super-lightweight and comes with an easy assembly. Here in this article, we’ve described the complete features of the Hiland bike that can assist you in making this purchase!

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