Hiland Hybrid Bike Review


Are you into hybrid bikes to keep yourself in the best shape? If so, you must have heard of Hiland as it has made an exceptional range of bikes for more than 20 years. They make mountain, electric, hybrid, and many more types of bikes. No matter if you want to have an on-road or off-road experience, you will find the right kind for yourself.

The Hiland Hybrid bike is one of the premium customer choices as it offers functionality and looks. The lightweight design allows users to manage their weight efficiently and navigate through rugged terrains very easily. Apart from its commendable design, its versatile accessories such as attractive lights, comfortable seats, kickstand, and fenders attract users immensely.

The key contributor to making a great hybrid bike is a high-quality and sturdy frame. Hiland gives great importance to the frame as it uses an aluminum alloy to enhance its longevity. On the other hand, its lock-out suspension fork works exceptionally well to absorb impact.

Are you looking for a good-quality hybrid bike that has it all but at an affordable price? This Hiland Hybrid bike review aims to discuss all its exceptional features. Continue reading to know some interesting facts about the bike and the unique experience to the users.

Hiland Hybrid Bike Review
Hiland Hybrid Bike Review

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Product Overview:

The Hiland Hybrid bike is the top user choice for many reasons, and one of them is its exceptionally lightweight aluminum alloy brakes. It has a super sturdy frame with great mechanical disc brakes for added stopping action. The hybrid bikes provide great versatility and speed options due to their 24 Shimano gear systems. It is excellent for different riding styles as it has a quick speed-changing system. On the other hand, it is the best for versatility and better off-road experiences.

The 700X40 C wheels are the hybrid bike’s specialty as they provide a great riding experience on highways, roads, mountains, and challenging terrains. On the contrary, high tire performance is best to increase riding confidence. We love how the Hiland Hybrid bikes have a five-year manufacturing warranty. It also comes 85% assembled along with tools for faster installation. Let’s dive deeper into some of its unique features:

Key Specifications:

Frame Materialaluminium
Brake StyleMechanical disc
Bike type  Hybrid and road bike
Color  Black 
Size49 cm 
Number of Speeds24 
Item Weight32 pounds 
Key Specifications OF Hiland Hybrid Bike Review

Key Features:

  • Frame material

Hiland hybrid bikes are known for their lightweight frame, which adds the portability factor. All Hiland bikes are made using specialized aluminum alloy material which helps in adding stability to them. On the other hand, the durability significantly increases as the material is super long-lasting. The Hiland Hybrid bike can last with you for years.

The brand believes in sustainability which increases when high-quality material is used. The kickstand, fender, seat, and fork are also highly durable. They are made to endure harsh riding styles; hence, they last for decades. You will have no issues carrying the bike too far destinations and enjoying a long ride.

  • Brake style

Brake is a crucial aspect of a bike, especially if you have exceptional off-road experience. Hiland makes sure that its brakes have impeccable stopping action to avoid accidents on any surfaces. Its 160mm rear and 180mm front mechanical disc provide precise braking action. 

Even if you are going to ride on slippery terrains, you get great control. It helps you feel safe and experiment with hybrid bikes’ impeccable speeds options. Under various circumstances, the mechanical disc brakes provide immediate stopping action and absolute control.

  • 24-speed shift gear

Would you invest in a bike with limited speed options? With Hiland Hybrid bike’s 24-speed shift gear options, you get an insanely fun experience. It has a cassette, rear derailleur, and well-matched accessories, making the overall hill riding experience super fun. It has a gear-shifter beneath your thumb, which helps you switch between the speeds faster. You can ride faster or slower, depending on your preference.

  • High-performing tire

Hiland Hybrid bikes are super high-quality, and its tires are a great example of its well-thought production. It has 49 cm high-quality tires that are made to endure the impact of harsh roads. The 700X40C tires with great lockout suspension help in absorbing impact. You would not feel as many bumps and jerks on the road due to an exceptional suspension fork. It also has aluminum rims which are the best for more stability and control. 

  • Warranty and assembly

One of the remarkable things about Hiland bikes is that they come with a great warranty. They have a five-year manufacturing warranty which is easy to claim. The warranty also makes the investment in the bike worth it. On the other hand, the bike comes 85% assembled and has tools for faster assembly.


  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 85% assembled
  • High-performing 700C tires
  • Lockout suspension fork
  • 5-year warranty
  • Comes with tools


  • High pedal resistance

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Hiland bikes any good?

    Hiland bikes have been around the market for more than 20 years, and it has managed to gain users’ trust. It has all the features one can need and helps support various riding styles. It is one of the best for having a great off-road experience.

  • How do you assemble a Hiland bike?

    The Hiland bikes come 85% assembled with an instruction manual and tools. You can follow the guide to assemble it yourself quickly.

  • Where is Hiland bike company located?

    The Hiland bike company is located in various parts of the world, but it is in Millersburg. It also has a manufacturing unit in Taiwan.


Hybrid bikes are a great way to keep yourself fit and enjoy nature. In the Hiland Hybrid bike review, we tried to cover all the features that could benefit you. We like the Hiland as a brand as it has excellent quality at an affordable price. You can definitely invest in it if you don’t want to break the bank but have exceptional riding experience.

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