Hiland Mountain Bike Review


There are many great differences between the mountain bikes and regular bikes. Mountain bikes are bicycles designed for riding off-road. Mountain bikes often have straight handlebars, powerful brakes, large knobby tires, frontal or full suspension, more substantial wheels, and lower gear ratios for climbing steep grades.

Here at Mountain Bikes Lab, we have found that Hiland Mountain Bikes are one of the best quality brands at this price point for high-quality mountain bikes that are great for beginners.

Hiland Road is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer popularly known as a well-known brand. These bikes have been on the market since 1979 and are incredible to ride for a comfortable commute.

Those who are switching seamlessly from mountain biking to road cycling will find the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike an excellent option.

The bike has an aluminum frame based on a solid mechanical disc brake system. If you want it to look even more classic, you can add fenders, racks, and kickstands. Shimano 24 gears speed system allows you to switch between stable riding speeds whether you’re off-roading or on-road.

Aluminum rims offer excellent braking and acceleration performance and high stability on rough terrain.

Hiland Mountain Bike Review
Hiland Mountain Bike Review

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Product Overview:

Hiland mountain bikes are available in three colors: black, gray, and yellow. We were most impressed with the 29-inch wheels of this bike, which will give you excellent traction on any terrain, including mountains, roads, highways, and even forest trails.

You can choose between 17 and 19-inch frames when you buy this bike, which is perfect for you since it comes in two different sizes. With its 17-inch frame and 19-inch frame, the Hiland 29-inch 21-speed mountain bike can be ridden by a rider who stands 5’6″ to 6’6″ tall. But the 19-inch frame is best suited to a rider who stands 6′-6’6″ tall. You will also be pleased to know that Hiland yet comes 85% preassembled, with some of the optional pedals and all assembly tools included.

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialAluminum
Bike TypeMountain Bike
Age Range (Description)Adult
Included ComponentsAssembly tools
Wheels Size29 Inches
ColorBlack and Yellow
Number of Speeds16
Suspension TypeFront
Key Specifications OF Hiland Mountain Bike Review

Key Features:

  • Frame

You should take some time to look at the frame of a hybrid bike if you plan to buy one. This is an important consideration when purchasing hybrid bikes. Choosing a durable frame becomes extremely important if you or your family members are heavy riders.

Injuries can occur if the frame is lightweight or less durable and easily broken. However, don’t worry because Hiland Hybrid Bike has an aluminum frame for a solid and durable ride!

The sturdy frame of the bike ensures maximum stability and durability to use it for many years. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Brake

Lastly, the brake is an essential component of any fitness cycle. Without it, a mountain bike is like a machine without oxygen.

There are also 180mm of mechanical disc brakes on the front and 160mm of mechanical disc brakes on the rear of the Hiland Hybrid Bike. Both elements provide a safer ride.

This is the best recommendation if you need a bike with brakes that are strong enough to withstand any weather condition.

  • Speed

You want a mountain bike with the maximum speed when buying one. Slow-moving bikes are useless. The 24 Shimano gear guarantees the highest speed.

You can efficiently ride over hills with greater ease when using a cassette, durable rear derailleur, and derailleur. The gears can easily be changed with the thumb grip switch.

  • Rim and Tire

It’s a fact that a low-quality rim of a bike can cause extensive damage! If you actually want to avoid such a worst situation, it is always better to check the construction materials carefully. Rims are made of 100% aluminum and are highly durable. Thus, the brand guarantees you that this mountain bike will serve you well for a long time.

They have Kenda 700*40C tires and a 12-32T cassette to make the bike ride as comfortably as possible.

Bike installation

You will experience less pressure and hard work if the assembly is quick and straightforward. The majority is preassembled. All other components need to be assembled by you.

With the shipped package, you will also find free tools for installation. In addition, you may be able to assemble pedals, fenders, lights, racks, and kickstands.

Can anyone use it?

Individuals of any age or gender can ride this bike without a problem. It can be taken for mountain biking at various speeds and is designed for unisex riders.

Plus, it can be used by commuters who travel long distances daily. You can even ride your bike at night with multiple reflectors.


  • Easy to assemble all at once
  • Overall quality is decent
  • Disc brakes are powerful in design
  • Affordable
  • Four different sizes are available
  • Supports riders between five feet and six feet tall


  • Daily use is not recommended

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What additional tools are available for assembly at Hiland Bikes?

    There are additional tools that make the installation easier.

  • Can the bike be used for a long time?

    A durable and lightweight aluminum makes up the bike.

  • Are reflectors available for the wheels?

    Each wheel has a reflector.

  • Are there any other accessories included in the bike packaging?

    Accessories such as kickstands, racks, lights, fenders, and so on can easily be added to the bike.


As a conclusion of the whole discussion, the Hiland Mountain Bike is an incredibly excellent mountain bike that isn’t just powerful but also affordable. You can invest between $600-$1000 in this, which is quite affordable!

If you like to ride on light snow or on wet pavement, you will find this mountain bike to be an excellent option. I would suggest, however, that you keep your off-roading to off-roading trips. You can now make your commute a hassle-free experience with the Hiland Mountain Bike.

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