How To Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike?

It is not only about riding the bike. Bikes are the most loved way of transportation. Also, in many countries, the governments are trying to make sure that the bikes are regularized to decrease fuel consumption and increase the health status of the public. But this opportunity does not matter for those who do not know how to ride a bike.

To make sure that your children never lose their balance ever again in their life, it is of the utmost importance that the parents teach their children how they can ride a bike easily. How to teach a kid to ride a bike is something that is not easy at all. You must make sure that you are ready for all kinds of outcomes. Also, it would help if you had all your senses on high alert.

Although you will witness them falling, be there for them because the continuous struggle will make them pedal their way in life. This article will teach you how to carry out this process effectively.

how to teach your kid the bike riding

A step-by-step guide to teaching a kid how to ride a bike

To teach the kids, you must follow all the guidelines strictly. Only in this way will you be able to get the best for your children at the end of the day. Also, this process will help them pedal their way into the world. Below we have mentioned some steps that need your attention.

1: Seat the kid on a bike

First of all, what you need to do is make the kid balance the bike. Just make them a seat on the bike and remain there for quite some time. Most of the kids are not able to control the bike and fall. Now reseat them and make sure they sit there and balance the bike.

2: Give a slight walk

In the start, seat your child on the bike; now, since these are the initial steps, you should hold them. In this way, they will start enjoying the activity and will give more effort to learning bike riding.

3: Adjust the saddle

First of all, make sure that the seat is set so that the feet of the kid can touch the flat surface. Even while sitting on the saddle, the feet of the kids should be easily able to reach the ground. This would help them maintain their balance, and if they fall, then it would help them control the bike.

4: Lower the height of the seat

The saddles with increased height might not be able to control the momentum, and to maintain the inertia; we must reduce the saddle’s height. Now you might be wondering why we are doing so. So let us tell you that lowering the seat helps avoid any fall.

5: Remove the pedals

Once the children start to balance the stationary bikes, it is important to move one step forward. So it is now time to take the wrench and remove the pedals. Now you might be wondering what the importance of this step is and whether it benefits kids in any way. So we can say that although the kids can learn without removing the pedals, removing them might be a good idea.

The pedal removal process is perfect for bikes with 16 inches or larger wheels. But you can also use it on bikes with fewer wheel sizes.

6: Move and balance

The removal of the pedals turns the bike into a simple balancing bike. Now make sure that your kid moves around by balancing the bike. All the kid has to give the bike a little push and balance it while it is in motion.

7: Sit, run and glide

Now, you have to make sure that your kid is aware of the three golden steps. He should sit on the bike, take a run with the bike a then take the feet up to glide. This is the best way to make them learn the bike riding process.

8: Mastering balancing 

Till the time your kid has not learned balancing, he will always be in danger. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that before making any rash move, you should ensure that the kid can balance the bike. This is not time limited. Many people might take days to master it, whereas, for others, it is a matter of minutes and hours.

9: Put back the pedals

Now once you have completed all the processes and steps for learning so now, it is time for you to put the pedals back on the bike and let the kid ride.

10: Teach how to pedal

Till now, your child has been using the bike without pedals, and now, after adding the pedals, the kid might not be able to process it. Thus it is of the utmost importance that you give them a demo and guide them on how to pedal. Also, until they cannot pedal properly, could you not allow them to go to high speeds?

11: Add balancing wheels

If you are still concerned regarding whether the kid can balance the bike or not, then there is a simple solution to the problem. All that you need to do is go for the balancing wheels. These wheels will help you remove all the worriers regarding the fall of your child and will ease your mind. Now the kid can also ride the bike and speed it how they like to and enjoy quality time.

use balancing wheels


How to teach a kid to ride a bike is something that every parent should be aware of. If you help them out in such times, the kids will never fall again, and they will pedal through every difficulty of their life. We hope that the guidelines mentioned above are helpful for the parents.

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