Mongoose Legion L20 Review – A freestyle BMX bike


Freestyle riding has been the passion of many, keeping them motivated to reach a new height. A good BMX freestyle bike is the core to take your passion forward. A bike with an ergonomic seat and easily maneuverable steering help neutralize the balance. When the steering is well-aligned with the body, the comfort alleviates, leading to a better riding experience.

When thinking about the BMX freestyle cycle, Mongoose is the name that pops up. Mongoose has been in the market for the past 45 years and produces a line of great bikes. Mongoose has it all, whether you need a BMX bike, a mountain bike, or a down the trail dirt bike.

The Mongoose Legion bikes have emerged due to their exceptional quality and user-compatible ergonomics. With a stunning Hi-ten steel structure, users experience unmatchable stability. The bike’s core is its tires that have an exceptional grip on varying surfaces, alleviating your performance.

You can hit the street or embark on a challenging journey in the mountains; the Mongoose L20 will have your back. Do you think whether or not the Mongoose Legion L20 bike is worth your money? We are bringing the Mongoose Legion L20 review to sort out all your confusion. Let’s dive in!

Mongoose Legion L20 review
Mongoose Legion L20 review

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Product Overview:

Mongoose Legion L20 is a perfect cycle for kids and teenagers as it has a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. The cycle’s structure is laid-back; you can enjoy your time roaming around the town. It is a perfect bike to hit the road to run some quick errands. The high-rise handlebar is ideal for increasing the grip. On the other hand, the handlebar is easily maneuverable, making it apt for navigation. Whether you have to pop off curbs, hit bumpy trails, or ride on the highway, it is a perfect bike for that.

The 20.5-inches top tube tires provide excellent stability on the road and are ideal for long-term use. We like the Hi-ten steel structure as it adds durability and strength to the bike. The removable brake pads make it easier to maintain them for seamless performance. Users like the striking design as it attracts children and kids. The fat tires help in better shock absorption and ensure a smooth ride. Do you want to learn more about its features in detail? Read further!

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialAluminum frame 
Age range  7-9 years 
Wheel Size20-inch 
Suspension TypeRigid 
Item Weight16.96 kgs 
Key Specifications OF Mongoose Legion L20 review

Key Features:

  • Steel frame

The Mongoose L20 bike is slowly emerging as one of the best freestyle BMX cycles. One of the core reasons is its solid Hi-ten steel frame which increases its durability. You can fall, bump against the pavement or park your bike outdoors; it won’t damage easily. The metal has a specialized weather-resistant coating perfect for enhancing longevity.

Apart from the bike’s structure, it also has an adjustable seat with a post. You don’t need any tools to adjust the seat’s height. The removable brake mount makes it easier to get through the maintenance process.  

  • Ergonomic handlebar

One feature that makes the Mongoose bike fitting for children and teenagers is its handlebar. The handlebar is wide apart and a little higher, perfect for improving the grip. On the other hand, the 50mm threadless headset is one of its specialties. It is ideal for easy navigation and maximizing steering performance. You get brakes on the handlebar, making it easier for you to avoid accidents. The suspension fork and the handlebar are connected to a 50mm stem enhancing braking performance.

  • Wheel size

Looking at the bike closely, you will see the front wheel is higher. The wheel structure is perfect for better-stopping action and more shock absorption. Mongoose made its bikes more efficient by incorporating fat tires within the structure. The aluminum single wall and cranks add more durability to the tires. It rolls off over the bumps smoothly, and its vibration absorbing ability is commendable. The tires are also effortless to change and maintain, apart from the shock-absorbing. The spooky ends of the tire provide commendable grip and stability on different surfaces.

  • Braking system

The braking system of the Mongoose bike is worth appreciating as it is made considering kids in mind. The aluminum U-brakes are super responsive and work with precision. The brake lever is easier to press and works seamlessly for smaller hands. With brakes, kids can control the speed with precision, and the stopping power is excellent. It has an immediate stopping mechanism which makes the bike safer for all kinds of surfaces. The alloy chainring and steel cassette are super high-quality and rarely give issues. 


  • Rigid suspension
  • Aluminum U-brakes
  • 20-inch tires
  • 50mm steam
  • Adjustable seat


  • Not suitable for tall people

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the Mongoose Legion good?

    The Mongoose Legion is a great bike if you want it for your kid. It has an adjustable seat and maneuverable handlebar, easy for kids to navigate.

  • Is Mongoose a good BMX brand?

    Yes, Mongoose is a good BMX brand as it has been manufacturing bikes for the past 45 years. It is an ideal choice whether you have to get a down-the-hill experience or ride around town.

  • Is Mongoose a beginner-level bike?

    Mongoose is a beginner-level bike, but its braking system makes it appropriate for challenging terrains. 


The Mongoose L20 is a great model for kids and young adults as it has an ergonomic design. In the Mongoose Legion L20 review, we discussed its features in detail. It is an affordable cycle with a high-quality frame. You can get it for your kids as it is easy to handle and effortless to navigate.

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