Mongoose Legion L80 Review


The world is cramped with several transport solutions ranging from the ones ranked at the lowest level to those expensive and ranked at the highest position on the charts. Although you will find expensive automobiles on the roads, nothing can beat the fun and excitement of cycling. People belonging to every age group enjoy cycling because of the adventurous and thrilling experience. If we talk about the benefits of cycling, then the debate will be incomplete without mentioning Mongoose Legion L80 bicycles.

Biking is not just a means to travel. It is also considered a sport and has many medical advantages too. This is why people in developed countries use bikes instead of other commuting means to ensure they stay fit and healthy. Doctors also suggest biking to the patients as an alternate o vigorous exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Also, some governments offer incentives to their citizens to motivate them to use bikes instead of pollution-causing transportation. These benefits of biking have increased the demand for bikes in the market.

If you need a solution developed for the trail routes and has perfect performance on both streets and parks, then the Legion L80 is meant for you. Starting from its appearance to its efficiency, every single factor of this bike is admirable and wants your appreciation- read more in this Mongoose Legion L80 review!

Mongoose Legion L80 Review
Mongoose Legion L80 Review

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Product Overview:

If you crave the best bicycles available in the market to be in front of you, you must try the Mongoose Legion L80, and surely you will have the best experience that you might not find with any other vehicle. Since the quality of any product is of the utmost importance, you will find it perfect for people of every age group, from teens to adults. Also, since its use is specified for trails, you might not have to worry anymore. A street bicycle needs to be dirt-worthy, and Mongoose Legion L80 is built for both park and street use. The 9 inches Hi-Ten steel handlebar gives you the perfect Grip on the vehicle.

People of all heights ranging between 5’6″ to 6’0″ can make use of this classic and stylish bike that is enriched with the removable brake mounts and mid-BB shell where the tube length is kept at 20.75″. For precision, it has been mounted with Aluminum U-Brakes and levers. Plus, the steering performance will make you fall in love with the product.

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialUltra-Durable Mongoose 4130 Chromo Front Triangle
Brake SystemRemovable Brake Mounts
HandlebarHi-Ten Steel, 9″ Rise Handlebar
Tube Length20.75 Inches Tube Length
WheelsetWheelset Of 20″ X 2.3″
ShellMid BB Shell
Chain25T Steel Chain Ring
Rear Axle9T Cog Sealed Bearing Cassette Hub
Key Specifications OF Mongoose Legion L80

Key Features:

  • The physical features

The dimensions of the package are set as 44.6 x 23 x 8.8 inches, with the overall weight mentioned as 15.97kg. The bike is made up of steel to ensure that it is free from rust and other environmental factors that might affect it.

  • A trail bike

The Legion L80 is a bike designed for all trails, including parks and streets. Therefore, you can say that it has universal applications, and with a 9-inch rise handlebar, you can handle it easily and without any difficulty.

  • The frame features

If we take a look at the bike’s frame, then it is made up of Ultra Durable Mongoose 4130 Chromo front Triangle, along with the removable brake mounts that make it easier to use the bike and to replace the parts once they are worn off. The mid-BB shell makes it perfect, and the whole package is completed with the perfect size of the top tube length of 20.75 inches.

  • The wheelset features

The wheelset installed in the Mongoose Legion L80 has a size of 20 inches with a width of 2.3 inches, offering you a perfect grip on the trail. These wheels are mounted on a wide Aluminium single wall of 36H rims. The front hub is 3/8 inches female axle, whereas the rear axle is a 9T Cog sealed bearing cassette.

  • The brakes

The Aluminum U-Brakes give you the perfect Grip and a short distance stop to the bike. The Aluminium brake levers also provide you with the control of your desire and an unmatched grip. The fork and the handlebar are also joined with the help of a stem of 50mm in length for unmatched steering performance.


  • Powerful body
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Aluminum brakes and levers
  • The wheelset of 20 inches
  • Perfect for trail


  • It requires perfect assembly

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can a 5.5″ teen use Mongoose Legion L80?

    A: Yes, a person of this size can use this bike because there is not much difference between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 inches.

  • Q: Are the spare parts of Mongoose Legion L80 easily available?

    A: Yes, you can quickly get the parts you require to change in your bike from any store in your neighborhood that offers the bikes manufactured by Mongoose.

  • Q: Where can we get a tire to replace the ones that are worn out?

    A: If you are worried about where you can find the tires that might fit the rims of your bike, then it is not something to worry about at all because these wheels are available in almost all the tire shops because of their universal size and they are pretty easy to replace too.

  • Q: Can older people ride Mongoose Legion L80?

    A: Although this bike is perfect for people of all ages, it is still advised that older people should not ride the bike because they might lose control since it requires youth power due to its powerful specifications for operation.


Although bikes have ruled the world, nowadays people prefer cars and automobiles over bikes, which has negatively impacted people’s health and the environment. Therefore, it is time to regain what was once ours with the help of these Mongoose bikes that will keep you fit and energetic. Also, these bikes will minimize the harmful effects that automobiles have on the environment. Plus, they will again fill your life with the thrill that has been erased in the past few years.

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