Royce Union mountain bike review


Biking is an escape, more like a passion for most people, bringing excitement. Do you want to buy a bike that helps you perform better? We are the most prominent advocate of making a one-time investment in a high-quality bike. No one does it better than Royce Union when it comes to quality.

Royce Union is one of the brands building its legacy for many years. The brand started in 1904, and soon its popularity flared up. One of the most significant contributors to its success is launching bikes with superb ergonomics and a warranty. Royce Union mountain bike is one of its specialties as many professionals use it for championships. 

If we notice the bike’s essential features, we love how the no-rust aluminum helps in increasing its longevity. The ergonomic handle and low-resistance paddles are perfect for making your riding experience joyful and comfortable. With 21 speed options, you can quickly accelerate the bike and reach heights of satisfaction.

On the other hand, people increasingly opt for the Royce Union Mountain bike due to its 10-year warranty. If you are interested to know more, keep reading the Royce Union Mountain bike review. We will access each of its features in detail. Keep reading!

Royce Union mountain bike review
Royce Union mountain bike review

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Product Overview:

Royce Union Mountain bike has an impeccable construction as it is made with rust-free aluminum, which is lighter than steel. The bike is made to endure harsh weather conditions and provide seamless performance on all surface types. Its ergonomic design makes users enjoy their rides immensely. We can’t help but appreciate its aluminum alloy tires that maintain rolling momentum on all kinds of surfaces. It has a 20-inch sturdy frame and zoom suspension fork for faster shock absorption.

The bike has a front suspension fork which is the best part as it helps maintain balance. If you use the brakes at the right time, the chances of an accident will reduce significantly. On the other hand, the 21-speed Shimano drivetrain is perfect for changing speed faster. You can seamlessly adjust the gear to suit the surface you are riding on. The linear-pull brakes are its specialty as it is a faster-stopping action. You won’t mind paying the price as it comes with a ten-year manufacturing warranty. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer:

Key Specifications:

BrandRoyce Union
Frame MaterialAluminum
Brake TypeLinear brake 
Specific useTrail 
Wheel size27.5-inches 
Suspension TypeFront 
Number of Speeds21
Warranty type  Lifetime frame warranty 
Key Specifications OF Royce Union mountain bike

Key Features:

  • Frame and ergonomics

Royce Union Mountain bike is made using rust-free aluminum, which stays intact in harsh weather conditions. The frame is lightweight yet strong, perfect for enhancing its longevity. Due to the lightweight frame, a user can accelerate to the maximum speed and go faster. The bike becomes easier to handle and maneuver on the road. On the other hand, the bike helps create balance and maintain momentum. You feel comfortable and confident riding on bumpy roads and narrow passages.

  • Wheel and suspension

The Royce Union bike’s tires are made up of solid rubber material that can function on rugged surfaces. The 27.5 inches wheels are made to provide stability and support on slippery roads. We love how wheels maintain a uniform rolling momentum making it easier to paddle. The wheels perform exceptionally on a gravel path, a smooth and bumpy road. Users will feel secure as it has suspension on the front end. The suspension fork helps absorb vibrations and shock generated when rolling over bumps. Its zoom suspension delivers exceptional performance and enhances stability.

  • Grips and saddle

The Royce Union bike does have not only a great quality frame but also exceptional supporting accessories. We particularly like how the seat and handlebar are well-aligned to maintain a good body posture. It helps keep pressure off your back and makes the ride increasingly comfortable. You can adjust the seat according to your height. The seat post helps you adjust the height within seconds; you don’t need any tools. Kraton grips are perfect for establishing a firm hold, and paddles have much lesser resistance. Overall, you will be able to zoom through the streets very quickly.

  • Warranty and gear-shifter

Royce Union bikes are high-quality, and they are available at higher rates. However, the price should not intimidate you as it offers excellent quality and an extended warranty. It comes with a ten-year manufacturing warranty and lifetime warranty on the frame. If you use the bike properly and maintain it from time to time, it will last you for years. On the other hand, the 21-speed gear shifter is perfect for riding through multiple terrains. You can shift the speed according to your riding style and the surface you are riding on. Using a speed gear shifter, you can maintain your speed and maintain your balance.


  • 21-speed gear shifter
  • Linear brakesĀ 
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Kraton grip


  • Hard to assemble

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Royce Union mountain bikes any good?

    The Royce Union Mountain bike is an excellent brand as it uses high-grade material to manufacture it. The lasting ability of the bike is magnificent; it is going to function smoothly if you take care of it.

  • What is the brake type of the Royce Union Mountain bike?

    The Royce Union Mountain bikes have front suspension and linear brakes. The suspension helps in maximum shock absorption and provides stability on the road.


The Royce Union Mountain bike is a perfect thing to own if you are passionate about biking and sustainable living. With its 21-speed gear shifter, you can ride through multiple terrains very quickly. No matter how roughly you use the bike, its shine will remain intact. In the Royce Union Mountain bike, we weighed all the pros and cons to help you make a choice.

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