Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review


Nowadays, there are two types of folding bikes. Simple bikes with minimal components can be chosen, or you can choose a bike with more features. Years ago, you had to be prepared to pay a lot of money if you wanted more features and components. Schwinn Loop Folding bikes are an excellent solution for commuters who want more than a basic bike but are unwilling to spend double the amount.

Its features and capabilities are similar to high-end folding commuter bikes, but it is significantly more affordable. With this bike, you can get to work and back every day without having to drain your bank account.

While the Schwinn Loop offers fewer features because of its lower price, its performance still matches many bikes costing hundreds more.

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review
Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review

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Product Overview:

There is a low stand-over frame on the Schwinn Loop folding bike, making it suitable for urban commuters, especially females. Steel seems to be the material of the frame, making it extremely sturdy and durable. It’s still in excellent condition now even though my friend rides it almost every day even though she bought it from me last year.

Compared to some newer folding bikes, this bike is a bit clunky and heavy, but it is still totally acceptable for the price. With fenders and a rack at the rear, it weighs nearly 33 pounds. Unfolding isn’t effortless. There is no such locking mechanism on the wheels and handle-post, so you have to secure them with straps if you need to carry the bike around. In addition, the handle post hinge and body hinge are also harder to open or close.

A 7-speed drivetrain is available on the Loop. Despite not being a fast bike, it can handle flat roads and slopes on city streets well.

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialAluminum
Age Range14 Years +
Specific useRoad
Wheels Size20 Inches
Suspension TypeRigid
Number of Speeds1
Special FeatureFoldable
Size20 inch / Medium
Key Specifications OF Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review

Key Features:

  • Loop comfort

On this bicycle, the handlebars and seat are adjustable so that the rider has a good grip and fit. Some riders might not have a problem with the pedals being small. The seat is comfortable, but it’s not as comfortable as those on most foldable bikes.

Although it is not the best foldable bicycle on the market, it is still quite good. It is easy for all ages to climb and get off the bike because it has a low stand-over design.

  • Security

Schwinn Loop folding bike do not have security issues. Fold it up, and you can take it with you from home to work, for instance.

It can also be unfolded afterward and used with an improved locking mechanism for greater security. When on vacation, it can be easily carried. You can also fold this bike and bring it with you if traveling by boat or vehicle.

  • Rear carrier

A back carrier helps carry items such as groceries. Unlike other bicycles with detached luggage carriers, the luggage holder is glued firmly to the frame, making it more durable. You can carry some shopping in it. This is an excellent feature, but few people use it. That said, it is ideal that this feature is available.

  • 7-speed gear

They are easy to shift and convenient. A cyclist can use them on steep roads with great versatility. That ensures that they can adjust according to their needs and terrain. This foldable bike comes with seven gears that make it useful for everyday use since they make the bike efficient.

  • Fenders on both sides

With these fenders, the rider can enjoy cycling in any weather condition. Dirt and debris can be kept off your clothes even in good weather with the fenders. Its durability, however, is compromised by the plastic material.

  • Liner brakes

Its brakes are impressive. There are no problems with its liner brakes. Riders who purchase them can be confident that they will be sturdy and reliable.

  • Who’s it the best fit for?

Since it is heavy, it may not be suitable for long-distance rides. The price is also affordable. Despite its discomfort, it is more comfortable than most foldable bikes. Budget-conscious riders who won’t be riding long distances will love this bike.


  • A beautiful design
  • Smooth rides and of high quality
  • The perfect commuter bag
  • Fork and frame are made of steel and aluminum alloy, ensuring durability
  • Affordability                 
  • Folding takes less than 15 seconds and is simple


  • Riders say it’s undergeared
  • There is some discomfort in the saddle

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the weight of the Schwinn Loop?

    Schwinn Loops are powered by an aluminum frame for strength and stability to meet the demands of everyday urban riding. They weigh 33 pounds fully assembled. By no means the lightest you’ll find, but adequate nonetheless.

  • Do fold-up bikes have a hard time being ridden?

    Although folding bikes are smaller than regular bikes, they are not difficult to ride. To support the folding mechanism and size reduction, folding bikes have a different frame geometry than regular bikes. You will have to simply adjust how you sit while riding.

  • Can foldable bikes be used for long distances?

    Compared to a full-sized bike, folding bikes are much more portable. In addition, they can be used as long-distance bikes if you choose the right one.

  • What are the best ways to take care of a folding bike?

    Use a cloth or sponge moistened with warm soapy water to remove road dirt. Citrus degreasers work well on caked-on dirt, but make sure to rinse them thoroughly and not use them overboard. Muc-Off is a good bike cleaner.


For this price, Schwinn folders are among the best folding bikes available. It has a strong frame, a curved appearance, and an excellent build quality. The bike is less flexible, heavier, and bulkier than other folding bikes, and it does not have a locking mechanism when folded. The best thing about this is that you yet can still easily store it in your trunk. Schwinn Loop is our top recommendation.

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