Swagtron EB5 Review – Best foldable electric bike


Electric bikes are the future and a way to step up the sustainable living game. Many people are using electric bikes for smaller commutes as it is an accessible mode of transportation. With different cruising ranges, you can achieve different speeds to reach your destination faster. It is fun to ride around the neighborhood without feeling much physical exhaustion.

How can we talk about electric bikes and not think of Swagtron eb5 bikes? The foldable Swagtron eb5 bike has all the possible features you need to have a fun and joyful experience. With a 15.5 mph speed, you can reach various destinations in no time and in a sustainable way. 

One of the things that most people genuinely appreciate in a Swagtron eb5 bike is that it comes pre-assembled and requires no effort to start riding. It is a perfect investment for both kids and adults as it has a height adjustment feature that is apt for comfortable riding.

You can have an excellent freestyle riding experience using its comfortable presets. The tires have better traction, which makes them perfect for challenging terrains. We will explore its features further in the Swagtron eb5 review. Let’s continue!

Swagtron EB5 Review
Swagtron EB5 Review

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Product Overview:

The Swagtron eb5 electric bike has a lightweight aluminum design perfect for portability and easy navigation. It is a spectacular e-bike that you can use to ride around town for an easy daily commute. With 15MPH speed, you can travel around town and run short errands. On the other hand, the exceptional 15.5 miles battery power pack is excellent for riding longer. Along with phenomenal battery power, its folding technology is perfect for portability.

The air-filled rubber tires are easy to maintain and have excellent traction on challenging terrains. You can explore various parts of the town without worrying about the tires wearing off. On the other hand, a user gets to choose between toggling up or pedaling. Both ways, you can reach your destination in no time and with minimum effort. The unique style and excellent adjustable seat make the ride super comfortable. You get to have a joyful experience and feel the breeze graze your face. With quick-grip handlebars, you can navigate easily. 

Key Specifications:

Frame MaterialAluminum
Color  Black 
Tire Size14-inches
Size58 cm
Suspension TypeOther
Key Specifications OF Swagtron EB5

Key Features:

  • Build and frame

The Swagtron electric bike is a fine thing to look at and great to ride. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that has excellent external endurance. The sleek black and white frame make you look exceptionally chic when riding the bike. The brand logo is sleek and engraved on the bike’s front, making it look spectacular. We love how the electric bike is pleasing to the eye with great functionality.

  • The folding design

The folding design is one of its best features, making it significantly portable. It has a secure latch that works ideally to help fold and unfold the bike. In the folded state, the bike is entirely static, and there is no chance for the wheel to move. The wheel bolt can cause a few scratches on the bike; hence, you must be cautious when folding the bike. The compact frame is easier to carry in your car’s trunk. You can also fold the pedal to make it further compact.

  • Brake style

The Swagtron bike has an excellent braking system that provides immediate stopping action. You can stop the bike on the dime on challenging terrain. The bike uses an auto guard technology that stops the motor upon pressing the brakes. Even if paddling or using the throttle in full force, your brakes are fully functional. 

On the other hand, stopping is perfect to avoid potential accidents. The Shimano-style V brakes are something users will be ecstatic about. You can use your thumb and middle finger against the brake for quick stopping action.

  • Easy to maintain

The bike provides 15.5 miles and has a quick-charge battery. Also, the 15 MPH speed is exceptional to travel around town. If you ride the bike frequently, it will need maintenance also. With the quick-release power line, the maintenance process feels like a breeze. Whether you have to change the tire or make quick fixes to spare parts, it’s all going to be quick.

  • High-performing tire

The 14-inch tire made with rubber provides outstanding sustainability and durability. On the other hand, air-filled rubber tires are the best to provide easy road performance. You will feel the smoothness and stability on the road even when riding at full speed. 

  • Acceleration and speed

The maximum speed of 15 MPH helps provide excellent performance and comes in handy to ride around town. We like that you can use either paddles or throttle for smooth road performance. It can handle 25-degree inclination, perfect for riding on steep roads. The crisp stopping and acceleration will make the ride feel an absolute breeze.


  • 14-inch tires
  • 15.5 MPH speed
  • Crisp stopping action
  • Quick-disconnect power line
  • Auto guard technology


  • Battery dies faster

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How fast is the Swagtron EB5?

    The Swagtron electric bike is fast for smaller commutes and has a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour. It is a modern-day vehicle that is also sustainable with perfect stopping action.

  • Where are Swagtron electric bikes made?

    The Swagtron electric bikes are made in South Bend, Indiana. The company specializes in making modern-day vehicles such as hoverboards, bikes, and electric bikes.

  • How can I make my Swagtron faster?

    The maximum speed limit of the Swagtron electric bike is 15.5 miles per hour. You can either use a paddle or throttle system to make it go faster.


Electric bikes are modern-day vehicles that help you lead a sustainable lifestyle. We love Swagtron electric bikes as they are affordable yet highly functional. They are not only functional but easy to maintain and navigate. In the Swagtron eb5 review, we tried to highlight all the features you would enjoy. 

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