With innovations taking over the world, electric bikes are one invention that benefits humankind in many ways. Electric bikes make shorter commutes super easy and hassle-free. Many electric bikes are in the market, but the expense may burn a hole in your pocket.

When talking about electric bikes, you can’t help but think about Swagtron. Swagtron is one of the brands that has built its name in a few years by providing customer value. It is compact enough to navigate town easily and big enough to accommodate you comfortably. We especially love the foldable design, making the bike compact and portable.

The electric bike does not only make an excellent vehicle for long-distance commutes but also looks classic. It is a dream of every teenager and kid to have their ride. With an adjustable seat and high-grip handlebar, you can breeze through the streets and have a positive and joyful experience. We love the fact that you can get a long-lasting battery, meaning you don’t have to charge it again and again.

With a 250 watts hub motor, you can embark on an endless journey. The rechargeable li-ion battery is ideal for blissful commutes. This Swagtron eb7 review will discuss all its excellent features in detail. Come along!

Swagtron eb7
Swagtron eb7 Review

Product Review:

If you are looking for a daily commute vehicle, there is nothing better than a Swagtron e-power bike. It provides a blissful experience using its effective motor system. You can use the full throttle or the paddling system to continue your journey. The 16-inch high-quality tires are perfect for a smooth and stable journey with rear suspension. We like how suspension absorbs most of the impact, making a bumpy road feel smooth.

Swagtron recently updated the eb7 model adding 23% more power efficiency. It has a fully adjustable seat which is ideal for kids and teenagers. The LED screen helps you keep the speed in check, and the Shimano shifter helps in a smooth down-road journey. We love how the EB7 model is cost-effective, yet it has every function you need for a smoother experience. Let’sLet’s have a look at its specifications and features in-depth.

Key Specifications:

Special featureFoldable
Wheel size16-inch
Bike typeBMX bike
Size58 cm
Age range3-5 years
Suspension typeOther
Package weight20.16 kgs
Key Specifications of Swagtron eb7

Key Features: 

1. Frame and build

The Swagtron EB7 is one of the best ones in the series as it has an excellent quality built. A unique aluminum alloy material is deployed to make the bike and its frame. The high-quality pedals are also foldable, which is the best for functionality. On the other hand, the 16-inch air-filled tires are exceptional to provide stability. Overall, the electric bike is made to last, validating the money you pay for it.

2. Easy to use

The Swagtron eb7 is a fantastic choice for kids and teenagers as it is easy to operate. When it comes to the price, it is affordable compared to electric bikes providing the same functionality. We like the electric bike for kids and teenagers as its weight capacity is 120 kg which is exceptional. It is super versatile as it has disc brakes with excellent stopping action. Also, its seven-index speed-shifting operators provide multiple speed options which support various riding styles.

3. Rear hub motor

The 250 watts motor ensures that the electric bike works exceptionally smoothly on challenging terrains. It dispenses power smoothly and provides a stable cruising experience. With a 15.5 MPH speed per hour, you can have a blissful riding experience. You get a seven-speed gear shifter which helps you smoothly shift between speeds. 

The power capacity increased by 23%; hence, you get to ride more. The speed decreases eventually if the battery is running lower than 25%. On the other hand, the drive-train system is perfect as the bike won’t go faster than the indicated speed when going downhill.

4. Battery System

The Swagtron eb7 bike has a 36-volt lithium-ion battery with great lasting power. It can provide you with 36-kilometer mileage on a single charge. You do not have to remove the battery to charge the bike. However, you can easily replace it if damaged using the easy manual it comes with. On average, it takes anywhere between 3-4 hours to charge, which is okay considering the battery size. To change the battery, you need to fold the bike first.

5. Stopping power

The Swagtron eb7 bike has excellent stopping power, perfect for challenging terrains. It has dual disc brakes which absorb shock instantly. You feel stability and have a smooth riding experience due to its auto guard technology. As soon as you hit the brake, the motor disengages, causing the bike to come to a halt.


  • Dual disc brakes
  • Front lights
  • 18.6 MPH
  • 20 km mileage
  • Takes 3-4 hours
  • Autoguard technology
  • Seven-speed gear


  • High shipping cost

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How fast does a Swagtron eb7 go?

    The Swagtron eb7 can take you up to 20 miles on a single charge at 18.6 MPH maximum speed. Its battery takes 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.

  • How do I make my Swagtron eb7 faster?

    You have seven-speed gears that you can use to switch between the speeds and go as fast or slow as you like. There are also three-speed modes to choose from that can help with increasing speed.

  • How do you turn on the light on a Swagtron eb7?

    It is effortless to turn on the light on the Swagtron eb7; you have to press the plus (+) sign for a few seconds. The light will turn on automatically, and you will navigate better.


If you are looking for a decent-priced electric bike, we suggest opting for a Swagtron bike. It provides excellent mileage and speed range. On the other hand, its braking system and auto-guard technology make you feel extremely safe. We hope the Swagtron eb7 review came in handy to know every detail about the e-bike.

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