Are you aware that more than 100 million bicycles are manufactured every day, throughout the world? And not just that, right now, at this time, more than 1 billion cycles are being ridden on. It is no wonder why cycling is referred to as one of the best activities to for leisure time. It not only allows you to connect with yourself and the world more wholeheartedly but it also prevents the risk of heart stroke, obesity, and various other diseases.

But have you ever thought how did bicycles really came into being? How did they really become this two wheeler with saddles, handlebars, pedals and all the other features bicycles uphold today.

In this article, we are going to talk about the evolution of bicycles. How they came into being and what are the types of bicycles available at your disposal. Continue reading to find out more.

History of bicycles

When we look back, you will realize the bicycles have a varied history that goes way beyond some 600 years ago. What you see of a bicycle today, back then it was completely different for obvious reasons. There wasn’t as much evolution in the technology as it is today which is why, bicycles have over the years evolved in a way that one cannot even imagine.

When the first bicycle came into being, it only had two wheels with a saddle for the person to sit on. There weren’t any pedals, in some previous versions there weren’t even saddles but later on, the original design of the bicycle was enhanced to cater to the needs of human beings.

History of Bicycles

The original composer of the bicycle design that we see today was Leonardo Da Vinci. He proposed a very contemporary looking bike back in the 1940s which later on has gone through several improvement phases.

Now, coming back to our original topic, what the types of bicycles? Well, there are several. We are enlisting some of them below with details:

Types of bicycles:

Before you indulge into the details of what we have in store for you, one suggestion, never go blind eye and purchase the first bike you see. There are so many options available in the market and you need to ask yourself, “what purpose do you want the bicycle to fulfill?” and then take a look at some available options.

1. Road bike

Road bikes are mainly identified by their turn down handles and thin tires. These downward curving handlebars are super dynamic and they help you put in an aerodynamic position. It features a very lightweight frame which makes it a good option for a variety of pavements along with various other uses such as touring, long-distance rides, racing, fitness riding and regular commuting.


The best part is the large frame, it allows you to glide the bicycle through various terrains with little to no effort. If you’re concerned about the speed, you will be glad to know that a road bike allows you to over-speed as much as you like

2. Mountain bike

Ever heard of off-road biking? Well, a mountain bike is designed with superior quality shock absorption and braking system. It can easily handle rocks, bumps, roots and steeper terrains and is also great for having superior control over your rigorous ride.


The basic reason why these bikes have lower gears is basically they’re popular for dealing with steeper terrains. Here an excellent suspension system is needed. if you love going on adventures on all sorts of steep terrains then this bike is the one for you.


3. Touring bike

Touring bikes are just like the traditional road bikes except for a few tweaks and turns. Touring bikes feature several attachment points that allows the user to attach pumps, fenders, water bottles, racks and so much more.


Touring bikes also have solid and sturdy frames which makes them an ideal choice for tourists who want to explore the town.

4. Folding bike

Love traveling and wish to take your bike alongside you? You should try folding bikes. These bikes can be easily folded and put into a bag. There are mountain bikes that have foldable design, touring bikes with the same mechanism. Thus, most popular bikes are available in a foldable form so you can easily take them along on the journey you’re about to take.


The best part is the large frame, it allows you to glide the bicycle through various terrains with little to no effort. If you’re concerned about the speed, you will be glad to know that a road bike allows you to over-speed as much as you like.

5. BMX

Ever watched cycling competitions on TV? If so, you must have noticed the different kinds of bikes those competitors use. They are known as BMX bikes. These bikes are designed for rigorous off-roading and allow the user to dodge bumps and uniquely perform tricks.


A BMX bike is incredibly durable and lightweight and features fewer parts than regular or mountain bikes.

6. Cruiser bikes

The name cruiser is pretty much self-defining. These bikes are very comfortable and easy to ride. They exclusively have built-in features ideal for cruising at low speed.


The best part is that cruiser bikes are usually customizable, allowing you to add numerous features per your requirements and needs.

You can add luggage racks, bike lights, rear and front fenders, baskets, bottle cages, and so on. And not just that, some specific features make cruiser bikes so special today, like saddles, curved handlebars, coaster brakes, balloon tires, and more.


So, these are a few types of bikes you will commonly see in the market. Although, there are several other types of bicycles available like hybrid bikes, cyclocross and so on. it is completely up to you and your requirements that what type of bike will suit you well.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. if you have any suggestion or queries in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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