Finding a good bicycle for yourself can be a bit overwhelming. With so many options available in the market, you’re bound to get confused.

Every bike has a specific purpose, and with so many types of bikes in the market, how will you ever choose the right one?

You must have figured out by now that you are not looking for a bike that will help you manage the mountain slopes or perform speeding tricks on the road, right in the middle of the traffic. Maybe you’re just a regular person, looking for a bike that will help you have a calm, recreational trip around town in the noon.

And that is why you’re here; to look for a bike that will help you fulfill that need and don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed. The type of bike you require is a cruiser bike. Would you please continue reading to figure out what a cruiser bike can do and what it is made of?

What is a cruiser bike?

The name cruiser is pretty much self-defining. These bikes are very comfortable and easy to ride. They exclusively have built-in features ideal for cruising at low speed.

Have you ever seen someone driving a bike on the beach? Those are known as beach cruisers and are mainly used for leisurely purposes. The best part is that cruiser bikes are usually customizable, allowing you to add numerous features per your requirements and needs.

You can add luggage racks, bike lights, rear and front fenders, baskets, bottle cages, and so on. And not just that, some specific features make cruiser bikes so special today, like saddles, curved handlebars, coaster brakes, balloon tires, and more.

Significant features of a cruiser bike!

To make more sense to you, we are enlisting all the significant features of a cruiser bike below:

1. Frame

Cruiser bikes have much larger structures than any other bike in the market. The frame is the most significant difference you will see between a cruiser bike and a regular bike. The material commonly used is stainless steel, but some brands have used aluminum and chrome for lighter and durable build quality in the last few years.

As far as the weight is concerned, it varies due to the frame material, but it’s around 40-50lbs roughly. However, as we just mentioned, you will find some aluminum-framed cruiser bikes in the market that are much lighter and more affordable.

Also, you will find two types of cruiser frames in the market. One has a similar build to regular bikes, but the other frame features a slight bend that looks classy beach cruiser. But if you aren’t interested in the bent frames, you can go for straight ones as you like.

Cruiser bike specs

A cruiser frame is the most crucial aspect of the bike, mainly because it provides optimal rider support and comfort. Also, cruiser bikes are straightforward to get off and on.

2. Saddle

As we have mentioned, again and again, cruiser bikes are meant to be comfortable, which is why it has a saddle designed to cater to this purpose. The saddles are usually oversized with added cushioning. They give you an adequate area to sit on and make riding a bike so much more fun and convenient.

Some high-end cruiser saddles even feature springs beneath the seat as shock absorbers. They feel comfortable and provide very personalized seating to make your trip full of ease and comfort.

3. Tires

The tires also have a huge part to play in the comfort and convenience provided by cruiser bikes. The most common type of tires on these cruisers are balloon tires. They are more efficient and can easily roll over sand and debris. Also, these tires are not easy to puncture, which means they last for a very long time.

Balloon tires are pretty wider than the tires you see on other bikes. They add stability to the cycle and provide much more convenience and comfort when you’re out riding. If you eye a cruiser bike, it is most likely to have these tires.

It would be best to keep in mind that balloon tires aren’t going to give you leeway so that you can go all speedy on the road. Cruiser bikes aren’t built for that. And even if you do try to over speed, you will end up hurting yourself in a hazardous way.

4. Gears and handlebars

There is not much to say about the handlebars of a cruiser bike. Generally, they are much larger than regular bikes and are bent over to give the rider a more comfortable steering position. The rider will not have to lean forward and easily maintain the upright riding style.

As far as the gears are concerned, most cruiser bikes only come with one gearing position meaning there isn’t much choice. Since cruiser bikes maintain a constant low speed, you cannot switch between gears because there aren’t any.

5. Riding style

The riding style of cruisers usually is upright. It is far more comfortable than any other position and allows you to sit comfortably for a more extended time. You can enjoy cruising without feeling tired or having body aches.


We won’t be wrong if we say that a cruiser bike is more like a recreational bike. It allows you to sit free and take in all that nature has to offer you. If you need a bicycle that will let you explore everything around town, then you’re in for a treat because a cruiser bike is all you need.

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