What is a Folding Bike?

Folding Bike | All You Need to Know About

There are several bikes with different features, but the folding bikes are the most impressive among all. The question arises here is why people like folding bikes the most? The maximum satisfactory answer is caught after giving a glance at the features. First of all, you have to know “what is a folding bike” to buy, utilize, and enjoy its distinctive characteristics. They are designed to fold them so easy to solve the problem of space-saving, mostly in urban areas.

Folding Bike
SWAGTON EB7 Folding Bike

You have to read this article completely to know more about the folding bike; let’s go ahead!

Story of Origin of a Folding Bike

The music fans may get the idea about folding bikes from iconic musician David Byrne (Talking Heads), who used the folding bike in the last 80s to visit different cities. All the travel stories are written in his book “Bicycle Diaries.” The folding bikes were reappeared and used by the military in the 20th century. The general public also became interested, and different companies started to design them in the 70s, and various brands in the 80s developed their categories.

What is a Folding Bike?

As the name indicates, folding bikes are those that can be folded up. The most impressive thing about the folding bike is how it is folded; it amazes everyone. Different shapes and sizes are available in the folding bikes that you can select according to your concern and the area of the community. 

Single-speed and geared options both are offered, move and pick one you want. You can choose the bike with the color you like the most because a wide range of color schemes are available to make your choice unique. The bike is folded in such a wise way that not even a single part of it gets a scratch or damage. The back wheel is folded under the mainframe of the bike. There are the handlebars that are drop-down along with the back wheel. Just 30 seconds are required to fold up or get it ready again to ride.

Folding Bike Mechanisms

There are different methods to fold the bikes that can be used:

  • Triangle fold is the method in which the bike is folded vertically and is preferred by the brands like Bike Friday and Tyrell.
  • Mid-horizontal fold is the most preferred method in which the bike is folded horizontally at a midpoint swing hinge and released by a clamp.

Folding Bikes on Streets

As you know, folding bikes have small wheels than the other general bikes. It is one of the best features of this bike that make it distinctive from a variety. The small wheels of the folding bike carry an efficient way to take the bumps and potholes on the city streets. The potholes on the street can cause any problem, even damage, but these bikes focus entirely on the road while riding to avoid risks.

Material Used to Make a Folding Bike

No doubt, several materials are used to make the folding bikes, but not all are suitable for you. The best key that you should keep in mind is the area you live in or purchase it to ride there!

  • Aluminum is the most common frame used for folding bikes. It ensures smooth running and the main reason behind its selection is its cost. It is cost-effective that gets good things in less money.
  • The steel body is also used in these bikes, but it often gets hot in summer; that’s why people avoid it, and it may not be budget-friendly.
  • Titanium is also one of the good options when you are looking for a good quality bike.

Folding R-bikes

Yes, it is genuinely impressive that folding e-bikes enhance day by day. Brompton is the brand that has launched a fantastic model with a portable battery supply that can be detached and carried with a shoulder strap when not in use and a front hub motor. These bikes are folded to a small size just like other folding bikes, but the battery feature adds more value to increase your speed and acceleration. When you know that you do not need it, remove it from the unit and hold it on your shoulder by using a strip.

Benefits of Using a Folding Bike

There are many benefits that you feel or enjoy while using the folding bike, so let’s move to make it a fun mode for you!

  • The folding bikes are the modes of theft prevention as you do not need to lock them outside. Just fold and bring it with you inside the office or where you are going.
  • The small packing of the folding bike resolves the issue of less spacing due to its small footprint.
  • The feasible portability allows you to bring it with you abroad. You can fit it in the trunk of your car or taxi easily.
  • The small wheels enhance the bike’s speed; that’s why it is considered the fastest bike with more efficiency.
  • The quality of these bikes is ensured so that you can enjoy the strength and high quality of these bikes with a long-lasting material.
  • The low center of gravity is the most blasting feature of folding bikes so that you can easily carry or transport your kid on them.
  • The folding bikes give high gear ratios to bless you with a better gearing system and increased acceleration.
  • The folding bikes are very convenient to use without facing any difficulty.
  • They are reliable and a big blasting fun to ride.
  • The cost-efficient feature adds more value that you can choose the folding bike by considering your pocket budget because a wide range of them are available with pricing flexibility.

Final Verdict:

The folding bikes are great due to their features, as you can fold up them to the small footprints and protect them from stealing by ensuring security. Hopefully, now you can give a better answer to the question “what is a folding bike” after reading this article. It will help you make the right decision while selecting the bike accurately, adieu!

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