What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is exactly what the name suggests. It is a combination of a mountain and a road bike. as a result, you can use it as a general purpose bike that is not only suitable for regular terrains but can also handle rigorous off-roading when needed.

Most hybrid bikes you see today are mainly used for commuting purposes. They are quite feature oriented and deliver optimal performance which makes them worth buying.

Hybrid bikes vs Mountain bike vs Road bikes:

Hybrids usually feature flat handlebar like the one you see on a mountain bike, not like the drop handlebar you see in road bikes. This indicates that shifting gears is easy and feels more powerful just like it does on a mountain bike. you will have complete control over your speed without having to compromise on the quality of the ride you decide to pursue.

This also indicates that you will have a more upright sitting position. There may not be outright speed like the one you get access to when riding road bikes. But, the comfortable position does allow you to stay more comfortable while riding down the steep roads.

This position is also very safe for riding in rush hours through a lot of traffic. Hybrid bikes also make sure of larger wheels instead of smaller tires so the ride can feel even more comfortable and enjoyable.

During our research, we found that some hybrid bikes come close to mountain bikes while others are far closer to the tarmac side of things. Wheel size in this bikes tends to be around 26ft, like the one we see on mountain bikes. This will ensure you can try more off-roading unlike something you cannot really test with a road bike.

As far as braking system is concerned, that varies from model to model. But most commonly, we have seen hybrid bikes with the V-brakes. The hydraulic and mechanical disc systems are also extremely popular among hybrid bikes. You will have a choice here to pick a braking system that feels most ideal to yourself.

Hybrid bikes also have a very versatile gearing system. Wide ranging cassettes and triple chainsets are popular along with hub gears for low maintenance.

If you feel like you don’t want all these tweaks and features in a hybrid bike, you can also go for a single speed option. Some hybrids have complete mudguards while some only have smaller eyelets.


The important thing you need to understand over here is that a hybrid bike is the answer to all your biking related problems. They are extremely budget friendly, have a versatile range of use and have zero to no maintenance which makes them the perfect purchase.

It is hard to look for a bike that will be the one-in-all solution to all types of bike riding you want to do. Whether it is a steep mountain you wish to ride on or a regular concrete road, a hybrid bike has got you covered.

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