If you’re planning to use your bike for off-road traveling, then you might want to consider a special type of bike i.e. a mountain bike.

Not every bike you see on the market is designed for off-roading. They don’t have a solid enough structure that handle rough and rigorous terrains loaded with bumps and halts. Whereas mountain bikes are designed with commendable shifters and shock absorbers that ensure you don’t end up losing your balance when going off road and climbing steep terrains.

Mountain bikes have a stouter and upright frame. Not to mention, they have a better clearance to get off rocks and bumps that may come along your way.

Moreover, mountain bikes are capable of handling a lot of abuse and rigorous use, yet they are still able to keep you standing, without losing your balance and make your riding experience as comfortable as possible given the circumstances.

What is a mountain bike?

In this article, we are going to talk about what are mountain bikes and what makes them different from regular bikes.

A mountain bike is a solid and rugged bike designed to exclusively handle the jumps and bumps of off-road cycling. Moreover, mountain bikes feature a high-end built-in suspension system, wide knobby tires, and flat handlebars.

There are different types of mountain bikes available such as full-suspension cross country, full-suspension endure, full-suspension trail, and hardtail.

A mountain bike and regular bike, what is the difference?

If we compare a mountain bike with a regular cycle, you will see that a mountain bike has a much more rigorous and heavy-duty build than a standard bike. They are durable with a flat handle and withstanding tons of pressure during a ride. Also, their components are high-quality and unbreakable, which makes them an excellent option for riding on off-roads.

What is a mountain bike suitable for?

Mountain bikes are excellent for cycling on rugged terrains and steep mountain trails. It would be best if you had maximum control over your speed and pace when you’re coming down a hill. A mountain bike allows you to have that control so you can tackle the naturally rigorous terrain without losing your balance.

The exclusive design and large tire of a mountain bike make a lot of difference in everything you need for mountain biking.


  • Diverse usage
  • Excellent suspension system
  • Smooth riding experience


  • Very expensive
  • Requires a lot of gear maintenance
  • A bit heavy

Mountain bike’s weight

Taking into consideration all the mountain bikes that we have researched on, a mountain bike certainly weighs around 30-40lbs. They are relatively lightweight as compared to other types bikes readily available. Also, even though these bikes don’t weigh much, their build quality is exceptional, unlike anything you will find in the market.

Mountain Bike Weight

Purchasing advice

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, make sure that you’re up for doing a lot of off-roading with the bike because if you’re not, there is no benefit of making such an expensive purchase and then using it for regular biking.

If you’re just going to be riding in town on concrete pavements, there are better options available that are specifically designed for that purpose. Also, we would suggest that you beware of the mass retailers who are selling fake mountain bikes at a fortune of a price.

Always buy them from authorized dealers who have original mountain bikes. A lot of people have already been scammed because of its and we would like you to protect yourself from that hazard.

Health benefits of mountain biking

  • Regular mountain biking is known for improving heart rate. it improves your cardiovascular health and prevents the chances of strokes. Mountain biking requires a lot of muscle use which in turn boosts your body’s oxygen rate. in turn, improving your blood flow and preventing all sorts of heart diseases.
  • Mountain biking is popular for being a low impact sport. It doesn’t put any strain on your joints unlike aerobics such as jogging or running.
  • It great strengthens your immune system and ensures all diseases are prevented at an incredible response rate. it keeps you active so you can perform all your daily chores with as much efficiency as possible.
  • We recommend regular exercises for patients who have mood disorders or are currently going through depression. When you connect with the nature, step outside and let your body breathe by indulging into an exercise such as cycling, it will greatly benefit your mental health by boosting your mood.
  • Cycling also reduces the risk of obesity. When you’re engaged in a physical activity day in and day out, you will be leading a much healthier lifestyle instead of a sedentary one. It will help you shed some extra pounds while keeping your body in shape.
  • Mountain biking will also improve your social circle. There are so many people who opt for mountain biking as a sport and you can meet up with some likeminded people, make new friends and go on an adventure of a lifetime.


As you can see, a mountain bike is popular for being highly durable, with big wheels and a sturdy frame that provides optimal performance when going off-road. They are designed to handle much rigorous and steeper terrains to give you complete control over your speed when you’re climbing up or coming down from a hill.

They also feature incredible braking system so you don’t come to an abrupt halt when there is a nook in corner. We hope this article has provided you sufficient information needed to understand what is a mountain bike and what is its worth.

If there is something you would like to add to this content, do let us know through your feedback below.

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